Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Monthly Vlog

The Monthly Vlog is hosted by Our Dandelion Wishes and Seriously.

They gave us two assignments. One was to talk about our favorite room. The other was to say a list of words and tell what we call certain items so that we can all get an idea of the accent and dialect of our blog friends. Join in the fun!

I tried to do a "cute" video with a story that used all of the words and phrases Mamarazzi and Shawn asked for, and I had it all written out at work... then I lost it. *sad face*

My daughter recorded me instead, and I don't like the way it turned out too much. I hate my voice and facial espressions. I wanted to re-do my video, but my daughter said it was "good enough" so grab a coke, come on in y'all, and here it is... short and to-the-point. Join the fun and link up!


  1. Girl...you have got an accent! I LOVE IT!
    Great VLOG!

  2. What accent? There isn't much of one considering that you live in Texas! You sound very proper! =)

    Your first two answers to the questions had me giggling!

    I loved putting a voice with your blog! I like this vlog business. Mine will be up soon. I had technical difficulties!

  3. First time I have heard of wrapping a house or a doodle bug...how funny!

  4. I was expecting a much thicker Southern accent than you have.

    Wrapping a house and a doodle bug...I love those!

    I love the dark wood of your bed.

    Thanks for linking up again!

  5. doodle bug? never heard that but i reeeeeally like it!!

    i love that you got all of this in in less that 3 minutes...seriously, that is awesome. i just left a blog that had 15 minutes of video to watch.

    thanks for linking up!!

  6. Dang! We ALL need to be this quick and to the point! I rambled on and on and on and on...lol!

  7. I think you did a GREAT job!

  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't call it tping. Although I have never heard wrapping, we always said rolling. :)

  9. You rock being all short & to the point. I try never to let mine be over 3 & 1/2 minutes. When they are too long I forget what the heck people are talking about so my comment is all wonky.

    I totally thought your accent would be stronger, it peeked out for sure a couple times but it wasn't too thick.

    I Looooved your answers to the first two questions. NEVER heard of wrapping a house... totally makes sense, but never heard it. Doodlebug... I've jheard it before but never knew what it was associated with.

    Fun vlog - can't wait to see what next month brings :)

  10. I love your accent. I need to watch all the other VLOG's tonight when I get a chance.

    I think you did a good job. Doodle Bug and Wrapping House is new to me. I loved this Meme.

  11. Awe you have such a pretty light southern accent. It's pretty!

  12. I can hear a little bit of an accent. We say everything the same except apricot. lol, love that you called it a doodlebug. haha cute vlog! :)

  13. I don't think you have an accent! You sound totally normal to me! :)

    You have some funny words though...doodle bug. :)

    Great vlog!

  14. Ahh, what a cute little accent. I have none. I promise.

    Wrapping the house and doodle bug? I have never heard it called that. I call it TPing a house and a pill bug. LOL!


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