Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oxi-Clean Sray-Away

Every family has at least one person who's always spilling something on their shirt. For us, it's my son, or sometimes me (LOL!). Tide made a product that you could keep on hand and dab on the stains, but I was never able to get it to work correctly. Now, the folks at Oxi-Clean have developed a small bottle of Sray-A-Way Instant Stain Remover, and the results are pleasing.

I used it on a spot of coke I had gotten on my shirt a week or so ago, but last night, my son gave it the ultimate test. We had tortellini with red pasta sauce, and unfortunately, quite a few splatters made it onto his WHITE shirt. After dinner, he gave me his shirt, and I just followed the directions on the label. 1) Wipe away excess stain 2) Spray on stain 3) Blot to remove 4) Repeat if necessary. Seeing as it was red sauce, I repeated!

I could barely see the spots after I had treated the shirt, and now that I have washed it, all the spots are gone. I never had much luck with the "other" product, but I will definitely keep this one around. And since it's shaped like a tube with a sprayer on one end, maybe the lid will stay on, unlike the "other" product, which was always drying out. It's not much bigger than a tube of lipstick, so it's pretty handy to carry places. This is something I can really use!

It's on sale right now for 5.99 for a two-pack if you purchase online. What a deal!

This post was sponsored by Family Review Network and Great Cleaners who provided the product for review.

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