Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thursday 13

Today's Thursday 13 is brought to you by the letter M. Here are 13 "M" things I can see from the cozy comfort of my couch in the living room.

1. Mirror - hanging over the fireplace
2. Mortar - holding the fireplace bricks together
3. Mug - that my daughter made at the ceramic shop
4. Matches - to light candles with
5. Mascara - because I just bought it and haven't put it up yet
6. Monitor - on the desktop computer
7. Mail - that I don't want to open
8. Manual - for the DVR, but I probably don't need it
9. Mattress - yes, mattress. Don't ask!
10. Miniblinds - on the windows
11. Movies - in the cabinet under the TV
12. Marker - that I use to write the kids' names on their lunches
13. Me! Hahahahaha!

Next week, I promise to put more thought into my Thursday 13. Click here to visit more T13 players!

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  1. LOL....glad to see you included "Me" on your list. That's most important. I won't ask about the "M"attress, but you must know you really piqued my interest on that one.

    Mine are posted...funny as they may be perhaps, I dunno. Hope you can stop by for a visit today! HERE they ARE And you'll need to scroll down below my Thursday Thunks Meme answers to find my 13 list!!

  2. Some enjoyable Ms there.
    You'll find mine here.

  3. Nifty list ... but what about M&Ms?
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. Why don't you want to open your mail? Unless it's all bills. Seems like now a days all the good mail is email.

  5. It all sounds MMMMMMMMarvelous!

  6. I'm following from MBC, love your blog and your list I may have to join in next week.

  7. LOL, had to laugh at the "me". What a "m"agnificent list!

  8. Cute list, it's okay to do the quickie list sometimes. I think I've finally gotten the blog totally up and running, even fixed a few long running problems.

  9. Add to that magazines...

    I have piles of magazines to take to charity. lol


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