Monday, January 18, 2010

Heads or Tails

This week's Heads or Tails topic is HEADS - "pack." Click on the HoT link for more fun!

Do your kids carry backPACKs? All of mine do, and I am consistently surprised at the weight of the PACK when I pick it up to move it. There is no way I would want to carry that heavy backPACK with me every single day! In elementary school, the rolling backPACKs were great, but when they get a little older, it's just not cool (and possibly not allowed) to have those PACKs with wheels. Many kids in middle school and high school carry around the contents of their entire locker in their backPACKs. There are various reasons for this such as not having time to go to their locker before classes, needing to take the books home for homework, or simply that it's convenient to have everything with them at all times.

BUT... as parents, we need to be concerned about the weight of their backPACKs. A child or young adult should not be carrying in excess of 10-15 % of their body weight in their PACK. It may cause shoulder, neck, and back pain. Obviously, it can lead to poor posture. In addition, if the child doesn't carry the PACK properly over both shoulders, the child may start leaning to one side to compensate. Be aware of the fit of your child's backPACK as well so that straps aren't digging into his/her shoulders.

We want our children to be safe and healthy. Parents can work with school officials to find a solution to heavy backPACKs. You can find out if it is necessary for the student to take everything home every night and work out a system accordingly. Some teachers allow students to leave binders or spirals in class The school may also provide textbooks to stay home while a set stays at school eliminating the need for the student to bring textbooks home on a regular basis. (This is what my district does.) Let's keep our Kids Healthy!

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  1. This is a smart post! One thing that amazes me is parents who skimp on the quality of the backpack, or let the child choose a stylish, over a functional, pack. Spend the money, buy a GOOD pack. It'll last. (And it can be stylish too... sheesh!)

  2. I used to freeze in terror each time I saw my granddaughter board the school bus in the morning. The step into the bus is daunting, particularly for a kindergartener who is on the short side. The weight of the backpack made it almost impossible. Fortunately the older kids at her stop were considerate enough to give her a boost

  3. Ya, it's amazing alright. Why, I remember back in my youth we'd carry a couple of books, a purse with pens and pencils and makeup and a notebook everywhere we went during and after school...homework. That was it!

    These days? Kids hafta be eating a lot more Wheaties than what the generation before did...

    My H o T is HERE. Do come join me if you can find time today.

  4. What a great idea and kind of the schools that allow the kids to have an extra set of books at home. It would be good for those times a book has been forgotten at school. No extra trips for mamma!

  5. some kids walk all stooped over ??it's amazing to me..what did we do carried books in our arms or left at scjhool, in some cases books school and home

  6. Just saw i beati's comment and it made me laugh - so true! I either carried my pile of books, folders, and notebooks on my arm, or in a shoulder tote. Usually while riding a bike. Sometimes while carrying a guitar case too! But it wasn't uphill, both ways, in the snow... Florida is flat, and too hot for snow! Still, good packpacks are a must.

  7. I live near a bus stop and when it was warmer weather and I'd be out on my porch I noticed the weight some kids were carrying in their backpacks. Awful. I did see some older kids with the backpacks on wheels, though.

    Thanks for playing. =)

  8. I have to admit this is one advantage to homeschooling, I never have to watch my half-pint struggling under the weight of her backpack, although she occasionally struggles with the dictionary.

  9. I always see to it that the backpack that I would buy for my nieces and nephew are strong and not heavy. Thanks for the post!



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