Monday, January 25, 2010

One World, One Heart

This giveaway is now closed. Pumpkin is the winner! Thanks to everyone who visited me!

Hi everyone. If you're here for the "One Heart, One World" giveaway, then you're in the right place. You may even want to join me on the Magic Carpet Ride! Click over to OHOW!

This global event is organized by Lisa at A Whimsical Bohemian. It's a way to encourage bloggers to meet new online friends as well as enter some great giveaways! It began in 2007 and continues to grow by leaps and bounds every year with over 900 bloggers participating last year.

She explains the purpose of the carnival much better than I. Lisa says, "This is more than wanting to win something.......that is only the the end it's about finding kindred spirits. Someone who may be fairly new to blogging, not sure how to navigate, find others and have others find them....Some are long time bloggers and in some cases well known in the blogging community. Whatever the case it brings all of them together."

I began my blog on December 13, 2005 with this post. In another post, I talk about the fact that I am NOT forgetful! I hope you'll join me in getting to know one another.

While you're here, leave a comment on this post to enter my giveaway. I want to come visit you if I am able. I plan to get to see as many One World, One Heart posts as I can. Even if you're not participating in the event, if you have a blog, please enter my giveaway and come back and see me! Be sure to leave an email where I can reach you if you win.
No, I didn't forget to tell you what I'm giving away. I'm just creating some suspense. I have a book (yes, it's new, not used) entitled Talk to the Hand by Lynn Truss which I will send to one special commenter on this post. This giveaway ends when OWOH ends on February 15, and I will use to generate the number of the winner. Have fun visiting other blogs!


  1. What a fun event. I feel like I have already won just from all the cool blogs I've found!

    OWOH #74

  2. I agree with Chris in comment above. What fun!!!

    Jeanne #401

  3. I LOVE YOUR ITEMS!!!! They are really amazing!!!

  4. Thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing gift! Please enter my drawing. I'm #387 on tha magic carpet!

  5. can i?
    my giveaway is
    Monica from Italy

  6. Delightful! Thanks for the lovely stop on my blog hop!
    Outrageous joy,
    Kathy over at Everyday Bliss
    #111 on the magic carpet ride.

  7. Count me in on this magic carpet ride!

  8. It was fun taking a trip back in time on your blog. I, of course, have never forgotten.... Now what was I saying?

  9. Great idea!~~~XXOO, Beth

  10. Count me in! I love books... and if you want you can check out my owoh giveaway too!

  11. I am getting to be a forgetful one the older I get! I would love to read your book...maybe I'll win?!?! You never know.

    Thanks for the chance and nice to Meet you!

  12. After perusing your blog I almost forgot to stop and leave a comment!!!! Not really... you have a lot of information here!! Have you read Talk To the Hand? I looked it up on Google and I love the sub title "Six good reasons to stay home and bolt the door." Even if I don't win your giveaway I may have to buy this! LAUGHING1

    What a wonderful magic carpet ride this has turned out to be. Stop by my blog and enter my giveaway. GOOD LUCK
    OWOH. I am #177

  13. Great Blog,great giveaway too Linda:) Please pop my name in the hat, amd drop by and see us if you get a chance , at

  14. Count me in!!
    Love your giveaway!
    Love your blog!
    What a great ride!

  15. Please count me in too! I can already think of six good reasons to stay at home and bolt the door! lol!

    If you have time, please do check out my blog for my giveaway.

  16. Yours is another great blog. This is tons of fun.

  17. Intriguing title!

    I am participating for the first time, so drop by my blog to enter my giveaway, too!

  18. I admit I googled the book too! Looks great!

  19. Please enter me in your draw! Also pop over to my blog, have a browse around and enter my give away. I’m number 303 on the magic carpet :)

  20. I can't wait to get my hands on this book!

    I'm #79 on the magic carpet ride.

  21. Sounds like a fun read!!

    Please enter my name in your drawing and come visit my blog, too.

  22. I loved "Eats, Shoots, and Leaves" so I want this one too!

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  23. looks like an interesting book...

    Really nice giveaway!
    Please enter me in the draw and don’t forget to enter mine.

  24. Greetings from Moldova!
    Gorgeous giveaway!!!!I'd love to read this book!
    OWOH #138

  25. I love reading, thanks for the chance to win your book. Pop over to my blog and enter mine.

  26. sounds like a winner.. thanks for
    the opportunity.. t c

  27. oh no! did i miss one world one heart?
    I enjoyed doing this last year.. see what happens when ur not regularly blogging...
    have fun Diana! xo

  28. Please add my name to your generous drawing. I hope you are having as much fun as I am, hopping from blog to blog, checking out all these amazingly creative people.

  29. fun giveaway! thanks so much for the opportunity to enter your drawing. this is such a fun way to meet other folks. I hope you'll stop by my blog and enter my giveaway as well. So nice to meet you.

  30. I would love to read this book! Please enter my name and thank you for this giveaway :o)

  31. I love to read everynight before sleep. I would treasure your book always.

  32. Hello and lovely to meet you! Your two posts about forgetfulness reminded me of a YouTube video someone sent me recently - it did make me laugh and I thought you might like it also
    Thanks for the chance of your giveaway - I hope you can come see mine (if you haven’t already!)

    Sherry from England, UK (ticket#251)

  33. I would love to win Talk to the Hand! Please enter me into your draw -- thank you!
    ~martha (#180)

  34. Interesting blog. Will check it out more in the future.

    Thank you for visiting mine.

  35. Hi Forgetfulone, what a lovely idea and post you have. I love the book. I'd love to win. I absolutely love your gifts. I also have a book I'm giving away. One I wrote. Please take time to visit my blog, too, for a chance to win my book, 16 x MOM: A Mastery of Motherhood. I'm working on getting all the country flags. I promise to revisit your's too.


  36. Nice to meet you and visit your blog! Love this giveaway! I am having so much fun looking at all the wonderful blogs. I don't have a blog, due to arthritis I cannot type much at all but I enjoy surfing the net. Thank you for a chance to win.

  37. Oh yes, please enter me in your lovely giveaway, I would so love to win your delightful sounding book!! If you haven't already, make sure you come by and enter mine as well, I'm #116. Thank you:-) xox

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  39. Diane, I loved this book! I read her other one too - Eats, Shoots and Leaves and it was awesome too.

  40. that sounds intriguing

    please count me in ; my magic
    carpet number is # 397

  41. This book sounds interesting...please count me in.
    When you get a chance fly by my blog on your magic carpet, I am OWOH #907.
    Thank you for participating in OWOH.
    So very nice to meet you.

  42. Oh please count me in.
    Thank you :-)
    Sadie x
    OWOH #962

  43. I’d love to be entered in your drawing. Stop by my blogs to be entered in mine.


  44. You're appealing to my bibliophile nature! Please count me in. Thanks so much!

    #273 on the Magic Carpet tour (southwest Florida, USA)

  45. I'm such a word nerd--Lynne Truss is one of my heros!

  46. Great giveaway! Please count me in. Enjoy your magic carpet ride. #276

  47. Nice book!
    Please count me in! And do pop in my home to see what I put on my magic carpet!*wink
    I am no.950

    Have a safe's quite far! :)

  48. It's a great message and a great giveaway! Thanks for setting it all up!


  49. Thanks for the chance to win!

  50. Hi dear!!! I like your idea! It’s very Awesome! I wish to ALL who will participate in this wondefull give-away, Big Good Luck! Yohooooo! ;)

  51. I love to read! So glad you're not really forgetful! Tracy come on over and visit me at #783

  52. I totally agree with Braggin' Rights!
    I am your newest follower :)

    NIIIICE giveaway!

    Be well and Be warm :)

    I am NEW to blogging ( but not to art. Please allow me to be in your drawing. Thanks:)

    Greetings from the New Jersey Shore, USA

  53. I love reading. The book looks wonderful. Yippee! A terrific prize if I may say so myself. I would love a chance to win. Please add my name to your drawing! Thanks for participating and the chance to win a great prize.

    visionquest2020 (at) msn (dot) com

  54. Oooo wonderful a book! Please count me in! Hugs, Rowena

  55. Books are one of my passions.

  56. Charming and a beautiful blog with a stunning treasure!Books are great!
    My first year with OWOH and I love visiting all the amazing blogs! I am flying on my magic carpet ,visiting from Connecticut.
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway.
    I am blog #937

  57. I would love to be included in your wonderful drawing.

  58. It's nice to meet you! Thank you for a chance to win one of your wonderful giveaways! Congrats on your blog coming full circle with OWOH and the amount of time you have contributed to it. I have been blogging for over a year and I hope I can blog as long as you have so far. Keep doing what you do and have fun! Don't forget to visit all 3 of my blogs as I am giving away something at all of them!

  59. Hello from Victoria, Australia
    Oh yes please, I would like to win the book.
    Please enter me into the draw.
    Thanks. Lynda.

  60. Just what I need...a good book to read!

  61. Greetings from Virginia.

    Oh wow... what a wonderful giveaway gift! And what a wonderful blog you have too! Please enter my name into your fabulous drawing for a chance to win.

    Also, I would love for you to stop by my blog to enter my giveaway - #548.

  62. Please enter me in the draw for your book, I would love to be the lucky winner. Please come by #70, have a look around and enter into my draw. Great meeting you.


  63. Thanks for letting me know about this awesome blogging event!

  64. What an awesome giveaway! I would love to win.

  65. Thank you for participating in OWOH. And for your giveaway.

    I actually have 2 giveaways at my blog, the OWOH one and a bonus giveaway. Feel free to enter both.

  66. Books are goof, thank you. Please visit #840 to see the felt flower brooch and yarn I am giving.

  67. Greetings & Salutations,
    Enchanting Book OWOH Giveaway!
    Lovely Blog.

    For a little Glitter & Magic fly by my blog
    #242 On The List @:

    Cosmic Blessings´¨)
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´Lyndy Ward

  68. It sure has an interesting book title doesn't it?

    Christina from Manila, Philippines here!
    Nice to meet you!

    I hope you can also drop by #615!


  69. Love the name of your blog!
    So much fun on this carpet ride! Come and visit too!


  70. Your book looks like one I'd like to read!! I would love to win, please enter my name into your drawing! And if you haven't already, please enter mine #135 to win 1 of 3 prizes!!!
    Thank you, and nice meeting you!
    Peace & Love from New Zealand...

  71. Would love to win your giveaway.

  72. "Kamusta" from the Philippines! I would be thrilled to win your intriguing book - and if you haven't already, do drop by my blogs too!
    patsy.paterno (at)

  73. I would love to win a giveaway on my 24th birthday on feb 14 :) I've just discovered blogging...i know i grew up under a rock. What a fantastic way to connect with other scrapbookers. As a nurse I work wonky hours, and it's hard to co-ordinate with other crafty people. Keep up the awesome work...I'll have to start blogging my projects so I can share my work.

    happy v-day!

  74. Oh, I would love to read that book -- thanks for the chance to win it. :)

    If a glass bead necklace sounds good, you might want to visit my blog. It would be a pleasure to welcome you there. :)

    Greetings from Munich,
    # 849

  75. It's snowing and I'm drinking tea,
    I need a good book for company!
    "Talk to the Hand" sounds like the one,
    Everyone says it's barrels of fun!

  76. Hi from England! I'd love to be included in your giveaway, I'm almost done with the book I'm currently reading! Thank you.

    If you haven't already, please visit my blog at #711 on the magic carpet to win a designer Cath Kidston bag, handmade by me!

  77. Lookes like a fun book! Count me in. Happy Valentine's Day. Warmly, Cathy in New York #1061

  78. Please enter my name. :0) I am also having a giveaway and would love for you to stop by and enter. #1025

  79. How neat! I would love to be entered into you drawing. So glad OWOH brought me to your blog. :-)


  80. I'd love to have the book, please enter me

  81. This looks like a fun book!

    janemaritz at yahoo dot com

  82. I love new books so this is great! Please enter me and run on over to my blog while there is still time.
    OWOH #978

  83. Greetings from Manila, Philippines! Thanks for the giveaway ( :


    A_C_E_ at hotmail dot com

  84. Love suspense!Please pick me up!
    cal_rubies at yahoo dot es



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