Sunday, January 03, 2010

Renting Movies

I am a huge fan of Netflix! I love ordering my movies online and having them delivered directly to my mailbox. I love having no late fees. I love not having to go out to the store. I also love being able to compare my movie lists and ratings with those of my friends and family. And the price is right, too. For less than $17 a month, I can rent as many movies as I want and have three at a time at home with me. I estimate that I pay $2-3 per movie (again, not going to the store and no late fees) in a typical month. They are quick, also. I return a movie on Monday, and by Wednesday, I have the next movie on my list. And I still have two at home to watch in the meantime. You can even choose plans where you have 4 or 5 at home at a time, which I sometimes do during the holidays or during summer. Netflix is also a good way to view TV series on DVD such as my favorites Lost, 24, ER, and Grey's Anatomy. If you go to the store to rent these, you pay separately for each disc in the season ($25-30). I can view the entire season plus several movies for just $17 a month! In addition, they have Blu Ray movies for rent if you're one of those lucky people with a Blu Ray player or PS3.

Now, in light of all this, I have made a new friend called Red Box. These are DVD vending machines located at Walgreens, McDonald's, or Kroger stores close to my home. And rentals are $1! Yes, ONE DOLLAR! Blockbuster can't beat that! I just started using Red Box a few days ago, and I love it. I don't have to go inside a store, it's fast, and it's CHEAP! I have at least 24 hours to watch and return the movie. Whoever developed this idea is a genius! We get so many other things from vending machines: sodas, chips, coffee, snacks, even Lotto tickets, so why not movies?

So, while I will continue to use Netflix and love it, Red Box is also there for me. Unfortunately, I was not paid anything for these endorsements.

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  1. haha Diana! I love this too! and did u also know that you DOn'T have to return it to the SAME red box?! This news made me happy, because I would like to rent at my favorite grocery store once a week when im there.. but I don't want to drive 7 min. to go back to return.. My son told me there is a red box at the 7-11 up the road from us! So that would be a convenient place to send HIM to return for me!
    happy new year and movie watching! xo

  2. LOL I just found them last month too and I love that I can pick it up at Smiths but return it to Albertsons or some such scenario! How can you miss at $1?

  3. You know I am a Netflix fan! :) I've never tried a Redbox. You are going to laugh, but I'm not good with 24 hr. time commitments. I just know that the dvd would hardly ever be turned in on time. Sigh. Why am I that way? Ah well. I am what I am.

  4. Haha - too bad you weren't endorsed by Netflix for this post! I haven't tried Red Box yet - but I can see the appeal.


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