Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thursday 13

Can a scent or aroma make you happy? According to research, yes! I don't know if I completely agree, but there is evidence that your sense of smell is connected to your emotions. Here are 13 things I love to smell! I wish computers came equipped with a way to distribute scents.

Happy Heart cologne by Clinique
Beauty cologne by Elizabeth Arden (Unfortunately, it's been discontinued)
Unwind Reed Diffuser by PartyLite
Apple Cinammon Plugins by Glade
Gain detergent
Sleep Aromatherapy by Bath and Body Works
Homemade bread or rolls baking
Sweet Pea by Bath and Body Works
Strawberry Rhubarb candles by PartyLite
Brownies baking
Stargazer Lilies (I'd have to say this is my absolute favorite!)
Steak sizzling on a grill
Juniper Breeze by Bath and Body Works

What are your favorites?

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Brenda ND said...

I like vanilla and lemon. They do make me happy because of the memories and associations I have with these two scents. Happy TT!

colleen said...

Scent is powerful. I use lavender oil to calm my emotions and help me sleep. It works!

sobeit89 said...

I like vanilla, especially warm vanilla sugar from Bath & Body! Yesterday, my students went crazy over the scent of my grilled hamburger. They wanted to know if I got it from McDonalds and then grilled it at home! Happy TT!

MommyBa said...

Lavender, vanilla, lemon...they're all cool.

Apple cinnamon is heaven!

I also love Bright Crystal by Versace and some Bath and Body scents like White Cherry Blossoms and Sweet Pea as well.

Great list! Happy Thursday!

Connie said...

Ooh! I love scents. They are mood lifters. Some of my faves:

Poison - Dior
Fresh bread - oh my!
Rain - coming, present, after, esp. with a touch of lightning added
Mown grass - with a hint of clean sweat, hot sun, and cold beer
Good coffee - and where IS that coffee fairy this morning? She's late!
Incense and oils - mixed scents, lingering, as in a clean store that sells them.
BBQ - on the grill, on my plate
The spice alley - somewhere in the Middle East
Gardenia - on the bush, baked in Florida sun, drifting on a night breeze

(right. now I'm hungry. Better go get breakfast and poke the coffee fairy into action)

Julie said...

Newly mown grass
A freshly washed baby
A horse

They are just three of my favourite smells. Thank you for your list. It was a good read.

anthonynorth said...

I agree with you on the steak.
Smells add so much to our experience, but are hardly written about compared to the other senses.

Grandma said...

Can't do many of those artificial scents anymore, they play havoc with my ability to breathe. But fresh bread, anything chocolate and a roasting chicken stuffed with fresh rosemary are a little bit of heaven.

CountryDew said...

Oh my, I have to avoid those perfumes; they set off my asthma. I hold my breath when I walk through that area of department stores.

But I love the smell of a crisp breeze on a clear day. The lovely smell of chocolate chip cookies baking. Bread. My husband! And vinegar, which smells clean to me.

Great TT.

Hootin' Anni said...

I get awful headaches from colognes and perfumes when someone wears it too heavily in a closed room. Ewwww.

But the fragrance of a rose, lilacs in the Spring, a Spring rain, the ocean, dried bed linens that were dried many things.

My Thursday 13 is posted: HERE [scroll below my Thursday Thunks to view if you decide to pay me a visit! I'd love your company!!]

Have a great day!!

Americanising Desi said...

love the scent of soil after rain :D

lovely post!

truly inspiring!

One Word Only

Bath Salts said...

The scents that entice me most are those menthol scents in bath salts from eucalyptus oil!

Norma said...

I love some of the discontiued fragrances of my youth--like hearing an old song. Tonight we'll smell some steak!

Calico Crazy said...

Any kind of citrus, chocolate, freshly baked sugar cookies, and cinnamon. ~ Calico Contemplations

Noelle said...

More than distributing smells, I wish computers and TVs would distribute samples of things! Often times I'll be looking at food sites online, (mainly those sites where you can order chocolate and such,) and be like I want to try that, but I don't really wanna order a pound of it. I use to get the food network when I lived at my parent's house, often times, I would be like I want to try some of that! I did a Thursday 13 list too, it's here:


jehara said...

i love vanilla, lavendar, jasmine and ylang-ylang. fun post!

Adelle Laudan said...

I love the scent of J'adore perfume.

Fresh cut grass & cookies baking.

Happy T13!

Lynn said...

Bounce dryer sheets.
Banana bread baking.
Pure Poison by Dior.


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