Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Blog with Integrity

BlogWithIntegrity.comOne of my favorite blogs, 5 Minutes for Mom, posted yesterday about blogging with integrity (honesty). They have encouraged members of the blogosphere to sign a pledge and post a badge to show that we are committed to integrity in our blogging efforts.

Blog with Integrity is the brainchild of Susan Getgood, Liz Gumbinner, Kristin Chase, and Julie Marsh. Here are some words from the Blog with Integrity website that have encouraged me to sign the pledge:

The Blog with Integrity pledge recognizes that there’s no single right way to blog and more than enough room in the world for different approaches.

What matters is the relationship with our readers. Meeting our commitment to them and to our community. Clear disclosure of our interests so they can evaluate our words. Treating others with respect. Taking responsibility for our words and actions.

The pledge was developed as a positive response to the negativity, back-stabbing, idea theft, and dishonesty that is sometimes out there in the blogging community.

The pledge is simple. Go take a look!


  1. great idea! I can think of a lot of activities that need a "with integrity" badge!

  2. Unfortunately because blogging is so public most things are up for grabs.

  3. do i have integrity If I use a lot of profanity in my blogging?? I didn't think so.. count me out


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