Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm Like Hannah Montana

No, I'm not secretly a famous, singing sensation pop star! But, you know how Hannah (and if you've got kids between the ages of four and fourteen, especially girls, you know Hannah!)... I digress. So, Hannah has to keep her whole pop princess life a secret from the world except for her two best friends who really know who she is (and you know who you are!). She goes by a different name when she is at home and school. Well... THAT is how I am like Hannah. And I wonder how many other Hannahs there are lurking in the blog world. I can actually think of a few of you that I KNOW prefer to keep your blog life and your "real" life separate. By "real" I mean work.

You know who you are. You're like me. You have your blog name and your blog persona, and the persona is probably who you are, but the people in your "real world job" don't know your blog name and maybe don't even know that your blog exists, of if they do, they don't know that it's YOU behind that blog name. Right? I can't be the only one!

Face it. We have to be somewhat secretive in this day and age. I have a full time job that I can't afford to lose if I say one wrong thing on my blog, and we all know it has happened, even for benign, insignificant reasons. Just ask Myrtle Beach Ramblings (it's a long story). And here on our blogs, isn't this where we really let it all hang out? Would we want it any other way? Nah.

So, I'll just be Hannah here on my blog and Miley in day-to-day life. I can have the best of both worlds! Share with me your best-of-both-worlds story! I'm offering a prize for the best one!


  1. I didn't tell my husband about my blog for a long time, because I thought he'd make fun of me! He did, but just a tiny bit. He really couldn't care less, as long as I don't spend a million hours a week online!

  2. I'm more a Kim Possible. High school student by day and butt kicking super hero by night. Everyone at school knows she's a Possible, with some sort of extracurricular life, even if they don't know exactly what goes on.

    My URL is my name, keeping me from talking about work much. But since my job is not a passion in my life, I don't miss it. I also can't talk about family drama.

    But even after three years, I don't really have readers from my real life. I guess they get enough of me in person.

  3. I'll have to think about my blog persona...interesting other blog you read... I'll have to get the scoop on that!

  4. Im a little like that too, I have to watch what I say and share due to Peter's work.

  5. You know I'm in the same situation you are!

  6. I would say blog and 'real world' are two different sides. even though I'm real in my blog, as you see. only, off course, I keep some things secret.


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