Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Heads or Tails

Barb's prompt for Heads or Tails this week is NOTE.

With school starting for teachers next week and students the following week, the word NOTE is going to come up frequently for me.

I have to make a NOTE of any new routines and procedures, and since we have new administrators in place, there will be changes.

I'll be keeping an eye out for that errant NOTE that somehow passes from student to student across my classroom.

I will be listening for the first NOTE each time my daughter practices her clarinet.

And I will teach my students how to properly take NOTEs in class.

Last, since I'm often Forgetful, I will have to leave a NOTE (probably more than one) for myself listing all of the many things I need to do before school starts.

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  1. A full set of notes noted there. They are so important to aid memory.

  2. I believe you covered the gamut of notes..

  3. I was an expert note passer.

    Too bad I wasn't as good at taking notes. :)

  4. ...and when DOES the first session/day begin? What a large job of work for you.

    My HoT is posted...scroll down a bit when you arrive!
    Happy Tuesday.

  5. Nice keeping to the theme. Our kids started back to school yesterday. Good luck for your first day back.
    My HOTS is posted now.

  6. That is a great list of notes! Have a great school year.

  7. I was a better note taker than note passer, but even getting caught all the time didn't deter me from trying.

  8. I think you covered them all LOL. Great collection of notes for this theme!

  9. My office bathroom and kitchen are filled with little poststick notes. Couldnt get by without them

  10. I hope the return to school goes well for you all.

    I am a note taker as I am so forgetful. lol


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