Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Things That are Green

I've been watching a lot of Game Show Network, $100,000 Pyramid, for example, and I painted my kids' rooms green this summer, different shades, so this week's Thursday Thirteen is brought to you by the color green.

1. My daughter's room. (linked to the photos)

2. My son's room. (linked to the photos)

3. Kermit the Frog, a favorite from my childhood.

4. Oscar the Grouch, another favorite from my childhood.

5. The topiaries at Disney's Epcot.

6. My field of peas on Farmtown in Facebook.

7. No Feet - the name of the green garden snake on the series Little Bear.

8. The car I'd like to have someday, a green Jaguar.

9. Money!

10. Golf course greens. My son is in golf camp this week, and he loves it.

11. Nasal mucus when you are sick! (Sorry, gross, but I had to lighten up a little.)

12. A four leaf clover. I could use one of those!

13. Am emerald is green, one of the most beautiful semi-precious stones.

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  1. I play Farm Town too, :) I also knew No feet because my 3yo love li'l bear, and yes, we all love to have some green money! :)

  2. Green in all its many shades is BY FAR my favorite color... Fun list!

  3. Kermit always springs to mind when I think of green. I love the green jag. I'd like one of those. :)

  4. Another Farm Town addict here! You can add my laptop and color-coordinated mouse to your list, too. :) Oh, and my living room and dining room as well. Are you getting the idea that I kind of like green? ;)

  5. The (last) green beauty reminds me of my ex-MIL who owns a big drawer full of jewelry, mostly precious rocks, and her favorite ring is her huge emerald :-)

  6. Wow...such a bright, vivid, eye startling green for your daughter's room. I bet she loves it. I personally like the green in your son's room. And who WOULDN'T want a green Jaggie!!!?

    My 13 is posted. Scroll below my Thursday Thunks. Happy day to you.

  7. Very creative. The rooms look great! And the money too!

  8. Great list! Love your son's and daughter's rooms!

  9. Great job with the kids rooms, could I please have some of number 9, I could really use it right now.

  10. I loved it up until the Mucus... Gag!!! lol The room make overs are awesome! Happy TT!

  11. Lots of green! Jewelry quality emeralds are actually more rare than diamonds now and more expensive for the same size and quality.

  12. I guess green is your favorite color? :-)

  13. money, a green jaguar and emeralds...a few of my favorite greens too.

  14. do u know I NEVER used to like the color green but lately I am loving how peaceful it is!


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