Monday, February 02, 2009

Heads or Tails

This week's Heads or Tails theme it to choose a past theme. I'm choosing two. "Watch" which we did Dec. 30, 2008 and "Joke" which we did July 15, 2008. (You can click the links to go to Heads or Tails home and read more, or to go to my previous posts on these topics.

As I predicted, I only got to WATCH a few minutes of the SuperBowl. Some of you might have thought my previous post was a JOKE, but it wasn't.

I walked in the door at 4:50 from a weekend get-a-way of scrapbooking, shopping, and relaxation in the Texas Hill Country. (I got 22 pages done, shopped a couple of hours, took some fabulous photos, socialized, and even got a massage.) Then, I came back to reality.

Here is what I did that kept me from watching the SuperBowl.

Changed the sheets on two beds.
Laundered and folded those sheets
Cleaned out the litter box
Did two more loads of laundry
Chauffered my children to their parties.
Gave the dog a bath (but he still stinks - now it's a wet dog smell)
Made three lunches for Monday
Washed a few dishes.
Vacuumed half the house
Took my husband to get a bite to eat. Yes, I took him. He was feeling a little neglected with me being gone all weekend.
I also planned lessons and helped with homework.

See all those "important" things I had to do? I'm exhausted thinking about it!

So, I saw no commercials in their entirety, saw only a few plays, and completely missed half time. How come it doesn't feel good to say, "Told you so!"?


  1. If you want MY opinion....I think it's about time your hubby took YOU out for a nice relaxing dinner!! Wow...too busy for a Sunday. Honestly, you didn't miss much from the half time program...the BOSS was singing I guess, but was too close to the microphone to understand the words...and he's too old to do any 'sexy' jiving anymore. [my opinion]

    Happy H o T day, My Heads or Tails is posted, hope you can come join me today.

  2. Except it wasn't a day's worth of activities - that was just in the few hours during the superbowl. Such is my life!

  3. I think you need more days away to pamper yourself!!!

    We watched the Super Bowl out of habit. It was the only game we watched all season, so we didn't have a preference for a winner.

    It wasn't until well into the game that I remembered the commercials were supposed to be "fantastic." ;)

  4. I had no interest in any of the superbowl festivities and kept myself busy with chores.

  5. How fabulous for you to have a getaway, Diana! I'm jealous. ;o)

    And really, how sweet to take your husband out - I'm sure he enjoyed it. :o)

  6. The halftime show was nothing special. Sounds like you got a lot done!

  7. You did more in a couple of hours than I do in a week, nearly. I didn't watch the game either, but have watched the top ten commercials and thought they were pretty good! Sounds like you had a fine scrapbooking and fun getaway!

  8. DANG!!! That's amazing! You definitely made up for having the weekend off... but, geesh, did you have to do it all in one day?!?!

  9. this post just proves once again
    you are one hard worker mama!

  10. I won't say I told you so. You've worn me out. I'm too tired now. ;)

    I'm a mean mom who "forces" my kids to make their own lunches. Muahahahahaha.

  11. Wow! I am like that in my head but I can't get my body to keep up. lol I was a great multitasker like you. I actually envy your day. Well done!

    In 47 years I learned you need to pamper yourself regularly so you don't burnout. ;)

  12. Oh, the life of a busy wife and mother!

    I watched most of the game - had to root for the Cardinals for the same reasons you did (Love ya, Blue!). I was disappointed they didn't win, but they played a great game!

    I didn't think any of the commercials were *that* great this year - I only laughed or commented on a couple of them.

  13. You didn't miss all that much. I worked to 5pm and then went grocery shopping so missed the first half of the game. I could have done a few of the things on your list myself....always so much to do around the house.


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