Thursday, February 05, 2009

How NOT to end your Thursday evening.

Nothing like a little fender bender to round out the evening! I stopped at Walgreens on the way home from my daughter's basketball practice. As we left the store, in a very happy mood, I might add, there was no car in front of the door. We walked to the 4 Runner, got in, and I started backing up. Crash! Someone had pulled up to the curb, left her car running with a passenger inside, and headed toward the doors. Yes, parked at the curb, not in a space.Well, I bumped her as I was backing out. She wasn't there before, and besides, who parks their car at the curb and leaves it?

I pull up a little, and the woman in the car thinks I'm trying to drive away. She's yelling in a threatening tone, "Oh, No you don't!" I got out of my vehicle and explained that I was moving to a space where I could give her my information without blocking the driveway. I moved my car, and the other girl, the one who had been driving, said she would pull in next to me. I apologized several times, and I asked her to take my information. She searched for a notepad and used my pen, but she wanted me to write it down. I gave her my info and apologized again.

She told me she was okay as long as the police weren't involved. (WHAT?) I wonder what she's hiding!

Then,two huge, youngish guys come up to the car to get in, too, and one of the other passengers had gotten out of the car. She seemed reasonable whereas the driver and the other passenger didn't. I was feeling rather uneasy, especially since my kids were in the car with me. I got her name and the make and model of her car. No license plate on her car. She just got it off the used lot, apparently, because it wasnt a brand new car. I had to explain to her how to call her insurance in the morning and have them call mine. She didn't have a clue, really. I wish I'd taken a photo with my cell phone camera, but I was feeling pressured. I really thought that at any minute, the one rude passenger was going to start pounding me. So, that's how I ended my Thursday! And I guess that's why we have insurance, because accidents do happen.

No one is hurt. My car suffered no damages. She has a dent in the passenger side front panel.

What do you make of all this? My fault, yes, but such a weird experience!


  1. I'm glad you're okay. She certainly sounds a bit fishy though. Be cautious and document it all for your insurance agent.

  2. It does sound a little weird. Do you think the car was maybe stolen or something, because it didn't have a license plate?

  3. I was thinking of what jenn did.
    I'm glad you're okay.

  4. so glad you and the kids are okay, but i think NOT having a license plate is not only fishy it's illegal. I also am not sure it is your fault, if she is parked illegally.
    VEry strange. She and her crew sound real shady.
    good luck diane

  5. That's scary, girl. It is odd that she didn't want the police involved. Fishy.

    I'm glad no one was hurt & your car is ok.

  6. I think that your lucky that your fine and just a dent. Count your blessing because it could have been worse. The gods are on your side. Thanks for dropping by my blog and for the kind words.


  7. Oh my Diana. What a fishy accident. I don't think it's your fault she was parked illegally. Why didn't she want the cops called and no plate. Maybe the car was stolen. Glad you and your kids are okay, that's the important part.

  8. That was VERY odd. I'm glad you left quickly. I'm sending you a virtual nap and a 10lb sleep loss. ;) If only....


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