Monday, February 16, 2009

IF's become FIRL's

This weekend, while most of you were celebrating with cards, candy, flowers, and romantic dinners, I was doing something special, too. Three of my IF's* became FIRL's**!!!! Meet the Fab Four:

That is me on the left end, Forgetfulone.
Next to me is Kris from It's My Life.
To her right is Bubba's Sis from Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Me.
And on the very right is D2 from My Life is Based on a True Story.

*IF's = Internet Friends
**FIRL's=Friends in Real Life

We had plans to meet at Jason's Deli Saturday afternoon. I kind of had that first-date-nervous feeling to begin with, but in no time at all, we were eating, talking, and mostly laughing. I felt like I'd known them for so long.

We live in the same general area, we're all moms and wives, and we all enjoy scrapbooking. But I already knew all that. I won't reveal the secrets they shared with me - at least not yet. But go check out their blogs, because if you don't know them yet, I'm sure you will find that they are the sweetest and cutest bloggers out there who are always "keeping it real." We will definitely have to get together again! Maybe next time, we'll scrap!

We had such a great time, and I feel blessed that I got to meet them! Now... how am I going to get to North Carolina, South Carolina, Canada, California, New York, Connecticut, and all those other places that have bloggers I want to meet? Thinking, thinking, thinking...

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  1. LOVE IT! it was awesome and for sure, we all hit it off! Two hours went by in a flash! Boy could we get in trouble!! ;) see ya soon!

  2. WOW! that is so so exciting Di!( I am so glad you gave me the definition of your abbreviations!)
    What a great opportunity! I so wish I was sitting next to you too...Hope you DO get to get to NY! (assuming u meant me, in that state!) Anytime! I would be so thrilled as I know you were meeting these sweet looking FIRLS! xo

  3. That's wonderful you guys go to meet. :)

  4. IF's are fun, but FIRL'? Even better! It was SUCH a great time! Look how cute we are! MUST do it again soon!

  5. How exciting that you got to turn your If's into FIRL's. I'm even more excited to see that New York is on your list of stops.

  6. Hey, don't forget this little Aussie on your travels. lol

    Im glad you had a wonderful time and hit it off so well, its funny how through the internet you meet such wonderful friends.

  7. It was so much fun. Like you, I had some first date jitters. They were quickly put at ease! Like Kris said, two hours went by in a flash! I look forward to the next meet up. :)

  8. That is so fun! I am going to meet a local group of North Texas bloggers in a few weeks and am very excited since I haven't really met an IF's as of yet. You are all gorgeous btw!

  9. I think it's great that ya'll got together! you look so cute in the picture & I bet you all talked a blue streak. Of course, I know Sis cause I birthed her, and I know D cause she's like part of our family, but I know from reading your blogs that I would just love you two girls too. Hope ya'll have more fun times getting to know each other in person.

  10. It always makes my heart happy to see IF's become FIRL's. Awwww

  11. How great is that! I got some warm fuzzies from this post!


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