Monday, February 23, 2009

Heads or Tails

Please join us for Heads or Tails!

TAILS - Anything that "Rhymes With Case"

I need a break from this, so I plead my case,
Too many burdens and duties that I have to face,
Toward my husband, not feeling especially full of grace,
No matter that he gave me Valentine flowers in a vase,
The stress of my world moving at such a quick pace,
Too much to keep up with makes life seem like a race,
Also (get the drift?) not in the mood for satin and lace,
To say we have no romance wouldn’t be far off base,
Really, I’d just like to have my own space,
I’m overwhelmed and need a personal, peaceful place,

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  1. Awww... sounds like you need a BIG HUG! Consider yourself BIG HUGGED by me!!!

    I hope things make a turn for the better soon. ♥

  2. That's a wonderful poem but I am sorry you are feeling this way.

    It's a bit the way I feel right now, too much to do and not enough energy, motivation or time to do it in.

    One thing at a time sweetie.

  3. I have that one-only place and sometimes it makes a good case to have a little lace to liven up the quiet place. Take care!

  4. And I bet you feel a little better for writing that.

  5. Great poem, hope you can find a little space and time to do a little something for yourself.

  6. LOL!! Great poem....I am sooooo there with you..sympathise fully (((HUGS))) hope you get your rest......

  7. Leaving on a jet plane. vacation time...

  8. I can relate to this for sure.
    When you are overwhelmed with too many other things, 'having' to put time and energy into your relationship just seems like 'too much'.

  9. Let's run away! Oh? That won't solve anything? Shoot.

    {{Forgetfulone}} Different situations, but I do understand the need for a personal, peaceful place.

    BTW, how is your mom doing?

  10. Oh yes, I understand the need for some personal space.

  11. I wish I could steal you away but your family would get mad at me. You are forgetting to take care of you and you're running on fumes. I remember this feeling and it stinks.



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