Monday, February 09, 2009

Heads or Tails

Today's prompt from our lovely hostess, Skittles, is "A Love Story."

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There is no love story here for me today. I'm a cynic who has given up on true love, and particularly, on romance. Oh, I love my parents, my children, my pets, and friends, but romantic love has always been my nemesis.

So my Heads or Tails today is a blast-from-the-past about the end of a love story, because, like Gloria Gaynor, I am a survivor! And should my marriage fail me, I will continue to be a survivor! Just gotta love this disco song, too.

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  1. In the end we all have to survive.

  2. This is a terrific song to play after the crying has worn itself out. The louder the better. :)

  3. I DO love that song myself. It's a great song. Even if love is good, we all have to survive one thing or another, right?

    My H o T is quite different, but Barb let us have free reign and stretch the subject...I stretched and stretched this one.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. We had similar takes on this prompt. Glad to see I am not the only one not gushing over Valentine's Day.

  5. So sorry you're disillusioned. I have not been lonely one day in the 13 years on my own, where as I was in my 23 year marriage! I totally get it.... you are a giver, that's always a problem because so many out there are takers!!

    Big virtual hug for you!!

  6. Being a survivor means you love yourself enough to continue on. :-)
    I like your take on the theme.

  7. Yes. I hear you. And I sang that song loudly for a long time before I began humming 'I did it my way'. LOL Good post.

  8. You are a survivor. And, well, I had something to say, but then I read Misty Dawn's comment. It was so much better than my thoughts! ;)

  9. Contentment is the key to happiness.

  10. Not being a romantic at heart, Valentine's day doesn't do much for me either.

    I love your spin on the theme.


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