Saturday, October 11, 2008

This Week on the Home Front Part 4

I accomplished so much last Saturday! Some of the things I did were from my "pockets of time" list and some of it was general decluttering. I...
  • checked and deleted email

  • filed bills and paperwork

  • cleaned out a "junk" drawer

  • tweezed my eyebrows for the first time in a couple of months

  • organized and labeled all the chargers and electronic cables

  • Threw away a bunch of things from a cabinet such as an electronic bookmark, an old CD player, decks of cards that had some cards missing, and more.

  • My husband and I took one huge box, one full backpack, 8 garbage bags full, and a computer monitor to Goodwill.

  • Cleaned counters

  • Washed dishes

  • Did laundry (which is neverending at my house with six people)

  • Scented my home with fragrant candles

  • Cleaned out part of the garage
  • Here's my new and improved junk drawer!

It felt good to get so much done in one day! Where do I get my motivation? Organising Queen and Home Sanctuary. Thanks, ladies, for helping me to get things done to create a better home.
This week at Home Sanctuary, Rachel Anne also talked about money-saving tips. I had a whole list of tips, but the Internet wasn't working properly when I planned my post, so I'll leave it at this for now.

powdered laundry detergent and cold water.

Powder costs less than liquid, and you can actually use slightly less than called for and still get clean clothes. Some people prefer liquid because you don't have to wait a minute for it to dissolve like you do with powder, but I don't mind running some water before I put my clothes in. And cold water washing is less expensive since you don't have to use your water heater. I also think cold water keeps my clothes looking newer longer.


  1. You were so productive this week. The washing machines here have a compartment where the liquid or powdered detergents are added so there is no waiting. I don't think you can use them if the lid or door is open.

  2. Feels really good when you're done doesn't it?

  3. I have been washing in cold water for years now. I think that's a great tip. Most people think the clothes don't get as clean, but I can honestly say they do.

  4. I make my own laundry soap, been doing that
    how's your eyebrow? did you ever go back to that place?

  5. Tweezed your eyebrows? Ouch.

    We always wash our clothes in cold water. And I love scenting my home with candles. :)

    You DID accomplish a lot! I'm in awe of you.

  6. I hate doing laundry, maybe it will go away if I close my eyes. Nope its still there. I'm gonna ry the powdered next time I shop for detergent. I actualy don't remember why or when I went to liquid.

  7. You did so good! I didn't get anything done.. I'm procrastinating..

    Have a blessed weekend :-)

  8. organized and labeled all the chargers and electronic cables

    I really need to do that too

  9. Yip, that's what I do - cold water and powder.

    Well done on using your pockets of time - LOVE that phrase.

    Next week do something fun for you too LOL

    Thanks for participating in the Declutter Challenge every week!

    Marcia from Organising Queen

  10. I can't find powder laundry detergent any more.

    Anyways, I would have not chucked the playing cards, you can alter them or use them as covers for a small accordion book.


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