Friday, October 24, 2008


Marcia at Organising Queen hosts Decluttering Fridays.

Here are some Before and After Photos of a few decluttering projects from this week.

I got rid of old magazines, scraps of paper, mail that I hadn't gone through. In addition, I got rid of two shirts, one of my daughter's jackets, and a two pairs of shoes I haven't worn in a while. I got one of them out to wear, and the heels were rotting off. They went in the trash. The shirts, other shoes, and jacket will be donated.
I also cleaned with CLR this week. I'm very happy with the results. There is always so much to do! I declutter and clean a few things, but there's always more! How does that happen?


  1. Why is there always more??? Gee, do you have family?!?! I know mine picks things up and walks them around the house dropping them where ever. I HATE IT! It drives me absolutely nutz. Consequently I spend the most amount of my cleaning time in MY areas, avoiding common areas and their areas 'cause it bothers my OCD tendencies so much that I get overwhelmed. Silly, huh!

  2. I've got your tag thanks and I play along this weekend, did something to keep my mind busy this weekend would have been our sons 4th bday.

    You are doing such a great job on getting organized. When your done with your house you can come and visit me.

  3. Your decluttering looks wonderful Diane, when you've finished at Chrissy's can you come and do mine. lol

  4. Isn't it nice having uncluttered surfaces? My problem is that empty tables, etc. are good places to put more things because now there's space. LOL

  5. I blame the kids! No matter how often I clean, there is always more, because they are right behind me making another mess! lol!

  6. Now don't those tables make you feel GREAT???

    Love the work you done - well done!

    Marcia from Organising Queen

  7. LOL...isn't it funny how the clutter just seems to "grow"!? Your areas look great!!!

    Thanks for your kind comments about my craft room! I am soooo loving it! nice deep clean air breath! It feels soooooo good!

  8. You're making me feel as if I sincerely need to reorganize my room haha.. here goes. *dundundun*

    ps. sporadicity SOUNDS intelligent, even if its NOT technically a word.

  9. i hear you. i declutter all time then its back to square one!

    feels good when you do it though doesent it!


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