Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Alone Time

I was a single mom (divorced) from 2000 to 2005. When my children first started going for their every-other weekend visits to their dad's house, I was alone for the first time in a long time. It was rather uncomfortable at first. But, not only did I get used to it, I came to really appreciate that alone time.

I remarried in 2005, and all the kids live with us, my twins and his two daughters. I am never alone! There is always at least one other person here, usually 3 or 4, most of the time all six of us. The last time I was alone in the house was for three days in January when my husband and his two daughters went somewhere and my kids were at their dad's. I cherished that time.

I love my children! But I miss having alone time - time to do things I need or want to do without feeling obligated to someone else. Here is a list of the things I could do that would easily occupy an entire weekend of alone time (which I know isn't going to happen... but still...).

1. Sleep in my comfortable bed - uninterrupted.

2. Take a long, hot bath - uninterrupted.

3. Read, read, read.

4. Paint my nails and/or give myself a facial.

5. Watch a chick flick.

6. Make myself a milkshake.

7. Stay in my jammies all day if I want.

8. Play computer games, or convert old videos into DVD's, or makes slideshows and movies on the PC.

9. Pull out all my scrapbook and craft stuff and really play.

10. Catch up on work.

11. Stay up as late as I want to.

12. Go to the "Y" if I feel like it.

13. Have the entire house clean at one time instead of just in bits and pieces.

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  1. Yeah, that milk shake thing is tricky when the kids are home. They have a way of swiping mine.

  2. Oh I hear you, now that i'm home all the time I never get any time by myself. If I manage to ship them off someone always calls or shows up,

  3. Now that both of mine are away at college, I get occasional alone time. Sometimes when hubby goes for a walk, I stay home - or when he goes out for coffee with his friends. Even just a couple of hours alone is wonderful.

    Good luck finding some more alone time and Happy TT!

  4. Boy, I hear ya. My husband works from home and only goes into work once a week. I LIVE for that one day.

  5. Does Alone Time ever come to be? I sure hope so! Oh and having the entire house clean at one time would be a MIRACLE! I'd be in heaven!

  6. Being a Navy wife I sure understand the alone times. Im looking forward to having some hours on Fridays alone while Lillee is in preschool. Im thinking of using the time to really clean my house so I can relax on the weekends. lol

  7. When my two kids [and the numerous friends] were all over the house, I used to think "This is all going to drive me crazy some day...I need time alone] ---I know just what you are stating here. Now, it's just hubby and me at home, I long for the 'busyness' of having kids at home. Sometimes it's TOO quiet.

    But then, I come about face and say "I wish I'd get my head out of my ass, and enjoy retirement'...Life at my age is supposed to be quiet. LOL

    Excellent list,---I KNOW JUST how you feel.

    Come on over to my place and read about the Headless Horseman and Icabod Crane from the legendary short's loaded with pictures and some historical facts today. See you there!!

    Happy Thursday 13.

  8. Nice list! Only thing I'd add would be listening to music as loud as I'd like and perhaps talking on the phone as long as I'd want.

  9. Great list - I would steal most of them for my list. Time alone...WOW..we can dream!

  10. It's nice to dream!!! lol =)

    Your list sounds great!!!!
    I wouldn't mind doing a few of those things myself and it's just me and Mr. "S"! I think I need "ME" time!!!

  11. I remember how uncomfortable it used to be to live alone after my ‘ex’ left … but like you I came to appreciate my alone time. I love your list today and do many of those things regularly. Of course what I miss is the regular interaction with family that’s no doubt a regular (and enjoyable) part of your life ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  12. Uninterrupted? What's that? LOL Great list!

  13. People will look at you and say: "One day, you'll YEARN for these times" Yeah, right. I prefer MY company and, now that I'm old and need help keeping my rocking chair moving, I still wouldn't trade it for any of that old crap!

  14. Oh, I am so with you on this one! Everyone needs some "me" time, even us hard working mommies! Best of luck to you, my friend in finding that time. ♥

    My Thursday Thirteen is here.

  15. I can so dream of these things, dreaming dreaming...not happening for about 6 years I think.

  16. I was just complaining about the same thing. I'm an empty nester and my husband just retired. He wants me to fill his time. That's when I'm not at work or fulfilling my many other obligations. I have NO alone time and I miss it terribly.

  17. Oh, I bet that stuff doesn't really matter that much compared to your kids. You can't fool me Forgetfulone.


  18. I love my "alone time". I get very cranky without it - I mean very cranky ;)

    hey, you can also blog uninterrupted when you're alone ;)

  19. Happy TT and I love ALONE time also.

  20. what does uninterrupted mean? lol!

  21. That alone time sure sounds appetizing. I don't remember what it feels or sounds like. The only time I'm really alone is when I'm driving to work all by myself with my cell phone shut off!

  22. I think Alone Time is very important for one's mental health. I try to allot myself Alone Time on a regular basis. I blog, or nap, or take a hot bath, or nap, or do the crossword puzzle and Sudoku in the newspaper, or nap....

  23. I'm also a big believer in alone time! I don't get too much of it which is probably why I'm a night owl. Ah, who am I kidding. I'd be a night owl no matter what.

  24. just send them to their grannies, like I did...


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