Sunday, October 12, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Sunday - Grilled, mesquite chicken with barbecue sauce, Rice-a-Roni, chopped broccoli.
Monday - Homemade fried chicken, homemade garlic mashed potatoes, gravy, and green beans.
Tuesday - Lemon Butter fish filet, squash sprinkled with cheese, spinach, and corn.
Wednesday - We are taking a class at church, so we will eat there.
Thursday - My husband goes to steak night with his father and brothers, so we will get something simple and easy, maybe Subway.
Friday - Pizza night after the baseball game.
Saturday - Date night for my husband and me.

I get lots of compliments on my fried chicken.
My "secret." You need two bowls. In one bowl, beat three eggs with a tablespoon or two of milk. In the second bowl, combine flour, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and season-all. Dip the raw chicken (I use tenders) in the egg mixture completely coating it, then dip in the flour mixture coating it well. Then double dip. Yes. Dip again, with the same piece, into the egg mixture again, then again in the flour. Place in skillet of heated oil, not so much oil that the chicken is submerged in oil, but just enough. The oil must be hot before you put the chicken in the pan. Turn frequently as the chicken browns. I guarantee it will turn out delicious!

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  1. I am SO finding where you live and showing up at dinner time!

  2. I agree with bubba's sis, what time is dinner? I'm not much of a chef (or a baker or anything but a stand in front of the fridge and ask my husband what he's making for diner-er) so I've never participated in Monday Menu Planning. I'm thinking though I will modify it a bit and plan 2 meals a week, or at least commit to 2 recipes a week where my husband doesnt have to cook. I'll bump it up more perhaps when I get more confident in the kitchen. I'll think about it this week and maybe start it next week :)

  3. You've inspired me to participate! IF my meals don't turn out, however, I'm headed to your house.

  4. Sounds yummy! I am going to try it one night this week.

  5. I'm a double dipper too. ;) It's taco soup this week here.

    I learned alot more about you on the song meme. Cool!

  6. Fried Chicken is my all time favorite - what time is dinner? LOL I use my grandma's old recipe that almost the same except you soak it in buttermilk for several hours first. Have fun on date night!

  7. So it's Fried Chicken night tonight? I'll be right over as soon as my stalking skillz figure out where you live. ;)

  8. Jeff my DH could live on chicken me on the other hand if I never had to eat it again it wouldn't hurt my feelings any. But what ever you do don't take away my pasta.

    I'll have to pass your receipe onto my cook (aka. Jeff) LOL!

  9. Bubba's Sis thinks I'm the only one in the world who plans my menus! And, I write them down in my calendar book, so I can tell, at a glance, what we had for dinner any night since about 1984. Is there anything better than home fried chicken??? I don't think so!


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