Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hip Momma Purse

Recently I received some gooooood mail! A new purse I WON in a blog contest at Stylish Mom, Hip Baby. I got to choose a purse, and I picked a hobo handbag made my Spirited Style Boutique.
I love it for lots of reasons! First, it's one-of-a-kind, and it's handmade to order with quality materials including a genuine leather strap. Second, there is so much detail on the purse, including the zipper pull. It's so colorful! It's unique and sassy (like me! *grin*). It's just the right length for a shoulder purse, and it has a zipper compartment in the middle (to divide the purse into two compartments and help it keep its hobo shape) with a little pocket on the side of the zippered part. I've been using it for a week now, testing it out, so to speak. And the verdict is that I love it.

The purse is called the 7 Ave Boutique Custom Pink Happy Hobo Handbag Purse Tote. It retails for $93.50, and I am soooo thankful to have won it for FREE from Stylish Mom, Hip Baby. They also have designer diaper bags, jewelry, and groovy gifts. Check them out!


  1. You are the lucky one. Did they send it full of money?

  2. Cute bag!
    hoganfe handmade
    handbag originals!

  3. I love that bag! It's so pretty.

  4. Nice purse for a beautiful lady.
    By the way, I invited you to slogbite.

  5. I love that bag! And, it has earth tones in it, too... My fave!!

  6. Congrats on the bag. It looks great on you too!!

  7. YAHHH!! That is a funky stylin' bag you sassy lady! LOve hobos Love fabric!
    It looks Perfect on you! How exciting to win such a cute bag!!! Can u hear me screaming with my excitement?? I will def. check out that site!!
    Enjoy it! :))

  8. Hi there! Thanks for blogging about my Flower Fusion Happy Hobo and congrats on the fab win! Glad you like and thanks to everyone else as well for all your nice compliments.

    I was really happy to hear you received it since I mailed it right before the hurricane! Duh!

    Take care and enjoy the bag!

    Kristin Elliott / Spirited Style

  9. Wow, you are a lucky duck! That is a cool handbag and it looks GREAT on you!

  10. I love that bag!! How awesome that you won it!! You are on a winning streak, keep it up!!!

  11. What a cool bag! And it's great that you won it. Kudos!

  12. I love your bag! What a great thing to win!

  13. That is a ca-yoooot purse!! Now I have purse envy.


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