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Monday, October 20, 2008

Heads or Tails

This week's Heads or Tails prompt is "wire." I tried to find a funny joke about wires, or a cool picture, but my patience grew thin. You're not getting the story about a woman who stepped in a puddle that had a live electrical wire and later required surgery because that's sad, and you're also not going to get the story of the brown bear who electrocuted himself by chewing on wires from an electric box because it was pretty disgusting. Here's what you're getting instead.

Claim: A girl required surgery after swallowing a wire that had come loose from a barbecue grill cleaning brush that was cooked into a hamburger.Status: True

As Paul Harvey would say, here's the rest of the story. (link)

The reason I chose this particular urban legend, that turns out basically to be true, is because it happened "down the street" from me in Galveston. I guess in a way, this heads or tails serves as a public announcement message to all of us! Do you trust the person cleaning your grill?
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(I've been tempted to remove this post all day. This is what you get when I write a post while I'm half asleep. This, plus four edits!)


  1. Fun! I love the randomness of the cases Snopes investigates. Great take on this week's prompt!


  2. Barbecues can be dangerous in more ways than one, then. Infact, it's in the name - 'barb', as in wire.

  3. Ouch, that would hurt.
    Poor thing, how scary to swallow wire.

  4. ooh poor girl, thanks for sharing those...nice entry. my first entry is up hope you've got time and also pls answer my poll.thanks

  5. That's an amazing and scary story! Even more so when it's true! Great reminder that barbecues require a few safety precautions! And not just from the fire!

  6. Paul Harvey...and these stories you linked...the BBQ wire and hamburger, bet that gave the burger a metallic taste now, didn't it? Sorry, I had to write that. LOL

    And I love Anthony's comment.

    My HoT is shared, tho odd, hope you come over and visit.

  7. That is scary! Oh wow... *eyes cheeseburger with fear* :) Thanks for sharing this Tuesday! When you get a chance, take a look at my HoT.

  8. EEEKK what awful stories. Im glad Im not grilling tonight

  9. Snopes is one of my fave sites. It comes in handy with my hobby that involves urban legends :) Great post!

    My entry for HOT is here

    Stop by if you have a moment :)

  10. I got distracted looked at the Slideshow of your wonderful family.

    Now.. what was I going to say...?


    How awful for that girl. I'm glad they figured out what happened.

  11. The things people manage to do to themselves I tell ya. Nice HoT.

  12. now a days you have to inspect everything that goes in your mouth, nothing is safe.

  13. You can never be too careful.

  14. Oh my - I’m feeling saddest for the bear this afternoon …
    Hugs and blessings,

  15. Your to much and that is ment in a good way. You always make me laugh.

  16. Wow - interesting stuff! No doubt about it - these are wires!

  17. Gosh, there is more and more junk going in our food isn't there.

  18. Thanks for the warning. I never thought of that!


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