Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things (read - excuses) that have kept me from doing my Thursday Thirteen till now:

1. A full day of work.

2. My daughter's piano lessons.

3. My son's language arts project that is due tomorrow.

4. Making cakes for the luncheon at work tomorrow.

5. Reading the book The Monkey's Raincoat.

6. Updating my benefits plan before the deadline tomorrow.

7. Helping my daughter with homework in math, social studies, and language arts.

8. My husband not being home because he's at his weekly night out with his brothers.

9. Going through the myriad emails I have.

10. Having to fill the tank up with gas.

11. Not having access to the computer because someone else is using it, and I'm too lazy to go upstairs to use the other one.

12. Making copies of my daughter's music to take to her dad's tomorrow.

13. There is no excuse! Thursday Thirteen should come first! Right?


  1. The moms who post at T13 AMAZE me by their discipline. We're lucky they can post any thirteens at all!

  2. Ha ha - makes me think when I start thinking that I am busy...


  3. i am also REALLY impressed with people who play thursday 13...i am REALLY going to try and do it next week...but i pretty much say that EVERY week...oh well!

  4. LOL! You're making excuses this week just like me. Kudos for even doing a TT with all that on your plate!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Us Moms are amazing!! Do you think a man could even handle half of your craziness?? I love the look of this thurs. 13.. I only participate in Scribblings and writers island.. I want to check out yours.. thanks :))

  6. #13 and don't you forget it missy!

    happy tt!

  7. Those are all good excuses!


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