Sunday, November 11, 2007

Left and Right

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“The brain is not divided equally. The left side is larger and that is why so many people are right handed.” (Barbara Pytel, June 20, 2006)

Western values honor left-brained people for their ability to do well on tests, learn in a traditional setting, and conduct business in an organized fashion. Eastern society honors the creativity and empathy of right-brained people more than Western society does. Here are three famous right-brained people.

Albert Einstein – He would skip steps in math, but still arrive at the correct answer. He couldn’t show the work, but he knew the process. Computers are still proving Einstein’s theories to be correct.

Leonardo DaVinci – He developed his own paints through experience. He also wrote in mirror image. DaVinci made designs for a helicopter hundreds of years before it was invented.

Jonas Salk – He knew he had developed a vaccine for polio, but he had to start with the end result and go back and prove his theory to be accepted.

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  1. Very interesting brain info.! Those guys were something else - weren't they? My kids are always teasing that they use more of their brain than I do, that's why I never understand half the crap they are talking about - could be true. See ya.

  2. Which one do you think is stronger in you, left or right?

    Thanks for the tag on that meme (is that right?) thing. I will try to get to that - I don't have time to post as much as I'd like...Two jobs and a class at night - kind of swamped at the moment.

    Nice looking kids (in the slide show). They seem happy!

  3. Very interesting to think about...
    I am not 100% ambidextrous but I play pool and softball like I'm a lefty and write with my right. what does that make me?

    I like your blog...the slide show is pretty nifty.


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