Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 Shows I Remember Watching (and sorta miss) from When I Was Growing Up

1. Happy Days
2. Mork and Mindy
3. The Andy Griffith Show
4. The Dick Van Dyke Show
5. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
6. Wonderful World of Disney
7. Sonny and Cher
8. I Love Lucy
9. Family Affair
10. The Brady Bunch
11. Get Smart
12. My Three Sons
13. Bonanza


  1. Yep you brought back some memories. Happy TT to you...

  2. Finally a media list I know about! I remeber all these shows. I am afraid our innocence is gone now. Thanks for the list. Happy TT

  3. I remember them all! Happy to report that I can watch The Dick Van Dyke Show again because a local network has begun showing it at 10:00 each night.

  4. I remember them all! Oh gosh, I loved Mork & Mindy!



  5. My brother and I did this recently - tried to name as many of the old shows as we could - these were all on our list and lots more. We had a lot of good shows back then - lots. Fun list. I'm Kellan - nice to meet you. See ya.

  6. OH...Mork and Mindy - I liked that too :)

  7. About the dancer: Try watching it with someone else. One person might see it going clockwise while at the same time the other insists it's going counterclockwise. It's like how you can see different things in an illusion depending on how you look at it. My sister can't see it change at all after trying over and over.


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