Sunday, November 18, 2007

30 Day Organizational Challenge

I'm joining the challenge a bit late, but thankfully, I am ready! Head over to Organizing Junkie for the details! Basically, the challenge is to organize an entire room of your home. I chose my dining room because it's also a catch-all for books, files, and knick-knacks, and it gets pretty junky at times. I will be posting "before" pictures here.

My strategy it to take one area of the room at a time and totally de-clutter it. I will get rid of what really isn't necessary in that area, and clean and straighten out what we feel is necessary to keep there. I'm really looking forward to it! Here we go!

This is the right side of my dining room. You can see the table, the windows, the candle holder and CD player on the floor, and my huge curio cabinet.

Here is the left side of the dining room. Again, you see the table. You can also see the file cabinet and the bookcase and a box on the floor.

Here is a close-up of the bookcase. See the little plastic bins to the right and the posters sticking out from behind it? Ugh!

Here is a close-up of the file cabinet with at least two month's worth of filing sitting on top.

This is a close-up of the right side corner between the windows and the curio cabinet. It's a catch all for junk and scrapbooking supplies, which obviously don't belong in the dining room! I have a feeling that, in order to organize this room, I will end up organizing a few other places in my home.

There you go! I'm all set.


  1. We are tackling our garage today - there is no time to keep up with all the junk, is there. Good luck to you - see you soon. Kellan

  2. oooooooh i so need to jump on this one. my garage is waiting for some organization. my big plan is to tackle it when i go in there to gather the Christmas decor. its the last room in the house in need of my attention, STAT!

    oh i did the Sunday Scribblings ended up being a little deeper than i wanted to go and sharing it was hard...but i feel lighter...makes me wanna try on my skinny jeans i feel so good...but i won't...i can't risk losing the


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