Monday, November 19, 2007

Organizational Challenge Update

I realize I just joined, but I have been working hard! I tackled one side of my dining room. You can see all of my before photos by clicking here.

This is the "after" picture of the file cabinet that sits in a nook in the dining room. It had piles of filing to do (going back almost a year) and other unnecessary papers, folders, and envelopes sitting on top.

1. I took everything off and laid it on my coffee table.
2. I went through every piece of paper, every folder, and tossed what we didn't need.
3. I alphabetized what was left.
4. I put everything in its proper file and cleaned out the files inside as well. I ended up filling a garbage bag full of unneeded paperwork.
5. I dusted the top of the file cabinet, removed the posters that were stuck between the cabinet and the wall, and placed a candle warmer on top.

This is the "after" picture of the bookcase area.
1. I organized the plastic rolling cart that was on the right side of the bookcase and I relocated it to a less visible location in another room. It had boxes and other materials on top of it. Very messy!
2. I took almost everything off the bookcase shelves and gave it a good dusting.
3. I took the pictures that were on top and hung them on the staircase wall. I also removed the markers and trash that had been thrown on the top of the bookcase and forgotten.
4. I cleaned the glass chess set on top as well as my dad's old pipe holder and the picture clock. I also replaced the battery in the picture clock so that it works now.
5. I went through each and every book and made a stack of books to take to Half-Price Books. I lined the rest of the books up on the shelves vertically. Some of them had just been stuck in there. There were also pictures, old Christmas tags, old cards, a metronome, and other things that simply didn't belong on the bookcase.
6. I removed the video camera box and flute from the floor on the left side of the bookcase and gave them more appropriate homes. I removed the posters from behind the bookcase and threw them away.

I feel like I have made major progress! I'm ready to tackle more tomorrow! This works out perfectly for me since I am off work all week.

I'm considering going back to the bookshelf to make sure that the books are lined up logically by size or subject, maybe even alphabetically, so you may see a different "after" picture before this is over. I'm also going to look for a doily or something appropriate to place under the candle warmer on the file cabinet. Now, I will tackle the other side of the room. When I am completely finished, I will re-post the before and after pictures side by side.

Last, but not least, I am going to post a picture of my "small space" to organize. It's a junk drawer, and it's really junky!


  1. Looking great! Much more organized and simplified. Less is definitely more. :)

  2. wow wow HAVE been working hard! cool!

  3. Woohoo, way to go. Love the junk drawer. It's just crying out for some baskets :)



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