Tuesday, April 05, 2022

Fun Photos

 Today's photos are from the Fort Worth Water Gardens, a free attraction in the heart of downtown.  It's definitely a hidden gem!
The Quiet Pool Surrounded by Concrete Walls and Trees
Tranquil and Serene (lots of coins in the water)

The Aerating Pool with 40 Spraying Nozzles that Rise out of the Water
Plenty of seating and the sound of fountains. Wish I had gotten a shot of it from one of the ledges.

The Active Pool

The Active Pool is Bowl-shaped with Winding Steps and Rushing Water

The cascading water makes walking down the steps a little scary, but I did it! As you walk from one concrete step to the next, there is rushing water in between them culminating in a pool at the bottom.

The last feature is called The Mountain (no photos).  It is made up of blocks of 20 inch steps.  We didn't climb the mountain!

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  1. Fort Worth is about two hours away - am still new to Texas. This looks a great place to visit, especially on a hot day:) Thanks for sharing this lovely place with us:)


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