Friday, November 05, 2021

It's a Friendly Friday

Grab these questions and play along!

 1. Something I lost and was never able to find was _________

2. When I _________, I want to _________.

3. _________ doesn't bother me.

4. I don't handle _________ very well.

Friendly Fill-Ins is hosted by Four-legged Furrballs and 15 and Meowing.  What drew me to both of their sites is that I love cats (and dogs, just not as much as cats, tee-hee) and it looks like they do, too.

Something I lost and was never able to find was
where I stored all of my digital photos from 2006.  I like to scrapbook, but I only have a few photos from that year, so I've just had to skip over it and keep going.  I know they were on a computer that crashed, but I'm positive I backed them up on Snapfish, Walgreens, Shutterfly, something like that.  Can't find 'em!

When  I go to the grocery store when I am hungry, I want to buy everything that looks good instead of just what's on my list.  I try to go after I have eaten so I don't run into that problem!

People talking while I am reading doesn't bother me.  Unless they are talking really loud! I learned to tune things out when I was teaching.

I don't handle rejection very well.  It seems like the response would be, well, doesn't everyone handle rejection poorly.  No.  There are people who can bounce back from a rejection easily. And I don't just mean in the romantic way, although that is surely difficult.  Any kind of rejection:  Someone didn't like my cooking.  Or maybe they don't like my laugh. Or don't want me on their team. Or worse, maybe they reject me for a reason that I cannot control.  No fun!

Have a great weekend!  Good weather, good friends, or whatever makes you happy!

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  1. Sorry I missed this the other day. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I can't take rejection either, I am very sensitive. Sorry about your photos from 2006 being lost. I think snapfish takes them off if you don't order from them for a year which is how I lost some so now I stick to Walgreens. Have a nice week.


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