Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Thursday Thirteen - What Have I Forgotten Lately?

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I could blame my age, but forgetting things is not new for me.  Actually, I have a pretty good memory overall.  I just sometimes forget to, let's see... put the clothes in the dryer, or make a phone call, or put eggs on the grocery list, or post a fun photo on Tuesday or Wednesday, or... you get the idea!

Here are some things that people forget that either matter or are funny!

1.  Forgetting the keys in the car with the engine running and the doors locked.

2. Forgetting to brush your teeth before going to the dentist.

3.  Forgetting to put the phone on mute (talking to an acquaintance)  when someone in the room asks you a personal, private question.

4.  Forgetting that you're talking to a person who is deaf, and instead you just talk louder

5.  Forgetting the date, time, and place of a final exam in college.

6.  Forgetting where you parked the car in a multi-level garage.

7.  Forgetting where you put your phone when you are actually talking on it!

8.  Forgetting your card at a restaurant in a town that you are just passing through and not realizing it for a day or two.

9. Forgetting your work badge at home so you can't get in, and you have to turn around, go all the way home to get it, making you late for work.

10.  Forgetting something is cooking in the oven... until you hear the smoke alarm go off!

11.  Forgetting to bring in the leftovers so they spent the whole night in the hot car and spend the rest of their afterlife in the outside garbage can.

12. Forgetting to check if my clothes were right side or wrong side out.

13. Forgetting potatoes in the pantry so long that they begin to break down, liquify, and develop a disgusting, putrid smell.

Have you forgotten any of these things?  I've actually done about five of these things. Which ones do you think they are?


  1. I always forget what I want to comment when I get to the end of the post! I have forgotten many of those things, and then some!

  2. I've done four. 9, but I wasn't late, since I worked just down the street and always ran early. 11, but instead of leftovers, it was perishable groceries, like a carton of milk. 12, usually it only happens at home, but it has happened where I don't notice until I'm in a store! 13 happens a lot. I don't have a garage, so my cool spot isn't cool, it's a kitchen cabinet. I buy 10lb to save money, but then they rot. I can't imagine forgetting some of these. 5 happened to my daughter her first final in community college. No one told her the finals schedule was always different from the usual, so she missed one completely.

  3. I did the first one once, and we were on our way to the airport to catch a plane. It was a nightmare. Fortunately, we made the flight but for a while there I didn't think we would.

  4. Oh yes. 10, 11, and 13. I'm bad with food. :-)


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