Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Fun Photos

 This post brought to you by... Seahorses!

Did you know that a seahorse could be as tiny as 5/8 of an inch or as long as 14 inches?  I didn't either!  They are very poor swimmers which is why we mainly see them with their prehensile tail wrapped around a non-moving object so they can rest.  I also didn't know that their eyes can move independently of each other much like a chameleon. 

We've all heard that the male species carry the babies, and while that is true, the females have the eggs that go in the pouch that the male literally carries them in until they are developed and released to manage on their own.  What's kind of sweet is that the males usually "court" the females.  Sometimes they swim tail-in-tail or facing each other. They may change colors, or do a sort of dance, and they do something called pointing with their snouts.  It's really quite fascinating. (source)

All this is just a preface for the seahorse photos I took at the Dallas World Aquarium.  They are really quite interesting creatures.

Love the colors on this little guy!

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  1. I love going to the aquarium! My favorites are the jellyfish.,
    Thanks for sharing at

  2. My first time here! Didn't know seahorses could be that tiny, and that there was more than one kind! Thanks for sharing! Emille (Jesh)


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