Saturday, September 25, 2021

Sunday Synopsis

 I'm back!  With lots to catch up on next week!  But for today, I have a review of a book called Mulholland Dive by one of my favorite authors,  Michael Connelly.  It is a collection of three separate tales that could have been part of some of the books he has written, especially "Two Bagger."

Mulholland DiveMulholland Dive by Michael Connelly
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I love Michael Connelly, and I was very disappointed in these three stories. He is so good at weaving complex details into the plot that it made them seem unfinished. One, in particular, sounded like a scene from a book by Connelly that I had already read.

The first story is called "Cahoots," and it is about a cheater in a backroom poker game being caught. The second story, "Mulholland Dive," a man deciphers codes and investigates fatal car accidents. Last is "Two Bagger" about a cop who is tailing a recently-released convict he believes is up to no good.

These short stories end abruptly without a definite resolution to the conflict. The reader is left wondering. These could easily have been worked in as subplots to his novels rather than languishing in a book on a shelf.

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