Thursday, February 11, 2021

Friendship Friday

 Hi!  How is everyone today?  This week, I wrote a synopsis of the new Grisham book, The Guardians, a happy Tuesday and random Tuesday post, some images of Hermann Park, and a list of songs with days of the weeks in the title.  

What's weighing heavy on my mind right now is my mom's health.  I'm taking her to a vascular surgeon today. Wish us luck.

I used to host numerous give-aways but I think the two groups I used are now defunct.  Any suggestions on how to get items to review and give-away or just donated products to give away?  Let me know in comments.

I have been using Rakuten for the last five months or so when I shop online.  I get cash back from shopping at some of my favorite stores, and I've earned about $100.00 getting products I would have needed even without the cash back.  They also have hotels that will issue cash back now.  So, I joined Rakuten, and when I'm on a site that offers cash back, it asks me to activate the cash back.  Then I shop and get a percentage of my purchase back in cold, hard cash! (Not cash, check, but you get the idea.)  Check it out! Rakuten.

Have a great weekend!  And thanks, Create with Joy!

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  1. Hope your mom is doing better. It's been a long time since I've read Grisham but I really like his books. Happy Friendship Friday - thanks for joining us! :-)


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