Monday, February 15, 2021

Random and Happy Tuesday

 Time to link up with Stacy Uncorked and Comedy Plus!

We're having a BIG winter storm right now, along with most of the U.S., with record low temps!  As a result, streets are literally sheets of ice, and we can't go anywhere, not that there is anywhere to go. 

So many people are without power.   My mom, my sister, and my daughter have had no power for a day so far, which could last another day, two, or three, and it's 18 degrees outside and dropping!  They don't live close enough that I can help them, and they can't cook, have no heat and no lights.

It hasn't been this cold in February in our part of Texas since 1899 when it was 6 degrees.  The coldest it's ever been was 5 degrees in January of 1930.  Average temperatures for February here range from 52 to 64.  This is unlike anything we're used to!

Well, enough of that for now.

Let's do some funnies.
Bernie has taken over for ET

2020-2021 Travel Guides

I'm thinking 2021 is not much better so far!

I have felt this way pretty much since the pandemic started.

And as a result of my cooking...


And last, but not least... 

Have a great week!


  1. LOL! Some great funnies! The biggest problem with places getting snow where it is usually warm is that it is the heavy stuff and often comes with ice causing all kinds of problems. Hope they can get the power on soon. We are going above zero for the first time in 5 days later today, so warmer weather is on the way down to you in the south as well.

  2. I hope this cold snap goes away and soon.

    Love all the funnies. The Kentucky jelly made me laugh out loud.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Stay warm. ♥

  3. oh my... I hope you'll get power soon. love all the funnies.


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