Monday, February 08, 2021

Happy Random Day

 Time to link up for Random Tuesday Thoughts and Happy Tuesday!

I'm happy to say my mom and my father-in-law got their second COVID vaccines!  Yippeeeee!

On a completely different note (pun intended)... have you seen the new Rooms-to-Go commercial?  They're trying to get you to buy a room and get a free TV.  The one where they use the tune from "Play that Funky Music White Boy?"  My son and I can't stand it when TV commercials take old songs, especially ones we like, and put stupid new words to it.  It ruins the song.  They want me to think of furniture when I hear that song, but their ad won't work on me. My husband and I decided their furniture doesn't last long enough. Or maybe we're just too hard on our furniture?  Either way, we'll be shopping elsewhere, so take THAT Rooms-to-Go!

Valentine's Day is coming up.  Will your sweetie get you something or take you to a nice dinner?  Both?  My sweetie and I will most likely get Whataburger.  
We aren't doing sit-down-inside dinners right now.  Several years ago, he would take me somewhere extra nice the week before V-day to avoid the crowds then we'd do Whataburger on the actual day.  I liked it that way. We've missed a year here and there, but it's a good system.  As for cards, flowers, or gifts?  Who knows. We've done gifts sometimes and no gifts other times.

And now for funnies...

One of my former assistant principals used to refer to V-day

as Single Awareness Day.

I could go for this!


Too true!

My husband and I often say, "People suck."
This could be our card!


Peanuts was my childhood favorite.


  1. These are MY kind of Valentines! You are awesome, have an amazing day!

  2. Oh I love the chocolates. Those are the best kind of all. Love all the funnies.

    Hubby and I just exchange cards. No special meals out. Quit doing that a long time ago. So many folks out on Valentines.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

  3. Heeheehee! Thanks for the laughs, i hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day, no matter what you end up doing.


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