Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Random Tuesday

I'm linking up with Stacy today.

I forgot to post a book review on Sunday!  And I had one ready.  Oh, well, there's always next week.

I've been working on wedding invitations.  Did you know the Cricut Explore can do writing?  It looks great!  We didn't have addresses in time to get them all of labels (which you have to order), but I think I like the envelopes I'm addressing on the Cricut even better!  As soon as we get the invitations out and the shower invitations done, I can actually work on some wedding decorations.  I also want to make a faux flower arrangement for the beautiful vase that my anniversary flowers came in.

My son is still looking for a job.  He applies to several every day, and he has had a couple of interviews, but nothing yet.  He could easily apply to the police academy with his degree in criminal justice, but... given the atmosphere of our country right now, who wants to be a police officer?  Next year, he wants to apply to the game warden academy.  They only have it once a year.  That is his ultimate goal.
I've been ordering things for the wedding as well as some gifts from the registry.  I received an item that was chipped, and they sent me a replacement.  The replacement was just chipped, it was broken into many pieces.  I guess there are just some things you should purchase in person.

We were lucky not to get hit by Hurricane Laura, but we've had a heat advisory almost every day.  And it's humid!  Maybe we'll get some relief come October.

And now...

This is SOOOO us right now!


Get it?

I love puns!
Have a great week!

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