Thursday, September 17, 2020

13 Reasons

I know some people don't like cats, although I don't understand why.  I think it's because they have never met my cat!  So this is WHY I love my cat!  Click any photo to enlarge it.

Meet Lacy...

She is so super-soft.

I can feel my blood pressure going down when I'm loving on her.

She uses her litter box and doesn't make messes on the floor.

I love her beautiful green eyes.

The  papillae on her tongue tickles when she licks me and she makes cute noises when she is drinking water.

She sneaks under the covers and snuggles like a little burrito where she will stay for hours,

I love the white part under her nose and around and under her mouth.

She doesn't wake me up in the middle of the night or too early in the morning like my mom's and sister's cats do.

She can smell tuna a mile away (That's just a slight exaggeration).

She's fluffy.

She's a pretty kitty!

Cats' ears move independently of each other making for some really cute expressions.

I love the wispy hairs on her ears.

Bonus - I know she loves me as much as I love her!

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  1. She is a pretty cat. I do not dislike cats but I am highly allergic to them. They seem to know this, and make a bee-line for me.

  2. i just lost my cat of 23 years greeted me every morning- i have 5 ethos living like kings Mello Lovey,Kissipurr,Dulcie, Angel Baby

  3. She looks like a great companion.

  4. Cats are always cool. Dogs can be too, but only if you call them "dawg."


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