Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Random Tuesday

Getting random with Stacy for some Tuesday Thoughts.

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter.  I watched two services on TV instead of going.  My daughter was away, and she usually goes with me, and I didn't want to go by myself, so... online church, both local broadcasts.  It was a good day.

Going back to work after a three-day weekend is always a little difficult, not to mention that I completely lost Friday due to sedation.  I've had more issues with my tooth that lost the crown.  I hope to get it all fixed up by next Friday.  I hope. I hope.

I may have mentioned somewhere on this blog at some time that kids measure their success by how many followers, likes,  or subscribers they have.  That is the first thing they notice if I show an educational youTube video.  "Look at how many subscribers they have!"
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Now, to my point... kids go online to look for challenges to get more views, followers, and subscribers (remember Tide pods?).  One that is making a comeback (poor choice of words) is the condom-snorting challenge.  The trick is to snort an unrolled condom up one nostril and pull it out through the mouth.  And don't forget to video this and post it.
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What is the world coming to?  Not only is this just plain gross, it can damage the lining of the nose, cause an infection, and even cause choking if the condom gets stuck in the throat.  Here is a link if you care to watch it.  I just looked at the screen shot because I couldn't bear to see someone actually do this.

I didn't think I was going to like the new Once Upon a Time after so many characters left (Emma, Snow, Charming, and Belle, to name a few), but I have to admit that I'm digging it.  I'd say it's a little "darker" and more complex, and it's definitely entertaining me.  I record several episodes then binge-watch them.    I especially like Adelaide Kane as Ivy/Drizella and Rose Reynolds as Tilly/Alice.  I dislike the actress who plays Jacinda.  She's just very "rehearsed."  But her story is interesting, so there's that!

And how about some "Awwwwww?"
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That's all till next week!  Stay tuned for my giveaway!

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  1. I'm glad you had a Happy Easter! Ours was very low key, and this week the kids were off for Spring Break - the hubby already had his Spring Break a couple weeks ago, but was home all week with the plague, poor guy. Poor me not able to get anything done! LOL!

    Tooth issues are no fun! I have a cracked molar that needs to be tended to - that'll be taken care of a week from Tuesday. Or at least the first appt. to figure out what will be done. :) Hope your tooth is fixed and pain free soon!

    The whole crazy kid stuff is mind boggling - I'm glad Princess Nagger marches to the beat of her own drum and has no interest in following the pack of crazy.

    I have to admit, I've been letting Once Upon A Time build up in my queue on Hulu - when I have time, I'll be binge watching the new season, but I've been hesitant with knowing favorite people are no longer part of the show. Thanks for the heads up on Jacinda!

    Loved your funnies! :)


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