Monday, April 09, 2018

It's Random

I'm linking up with Stacy for some Random Tuesday Thoughts.

Have you ever changed banks?  Like opened a new account at a different bank and closed the older account completely?  What a hassle!  My husband has been trying to get me to switch banks so that our joint account and my individual account are at the same bank.  I get that, but did he realize how much of a pain it was going to be?

Direct deposit.  Changing any automatic debits.  This requires a lot of time on the phone because you can't change some places online even if you pay them online.  Makes no sense.  Changing every website you use to pay a bill.  AND, to top it off, even though I have had a joint account with my husband at this bank for years, they HELD my first payroll check.  And not for 2 or 3 days, but 7 to 10.  Ridiculous!  If I had gone in to the bank to cash the check, they would have given me cash, but because I deposited it, I can't get access to it.  How stupid is that?  Who can wait ten days to have access to their own money?

Done complaining now!

How is the weather where you are?  Here in Houston, I think Mother Nature is trying to get all four seasons into one week!  It's chilly right now, but yesterday was cold.  Two days prior to that, it felt like summer, and toward the end of this week, it will be spring-like for a few days.  Crazy weather!

And talk about crazy... Have you seen this picture of the  11 foot alligator that was dragged out of a Florida swimming pool on March 30?  This occurred in Sarasota, Florida.  There have been two more since then, but apparently there are 1.3 MILLION alligators that are becoming active due to warmer weather.  If I were near them, I'd say it was time to move!  Haha!
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And before I go...

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  1. I would crap myself if I saw an alligator in my pool, or anywhere on my property.
    The weather has been crazy here too.

  2. Even staying at your own bank can be a problem, we've had a recent incident with ours that is still not fully resolved to my satisfaction.

    Houston weather and south Louisiana swamp weather are about the same, so you have my sympathy on that. We also get alligators, but not usually in pools, they will come live on your property if you have a pond, though.

    The reason i will not be able to tell a croc from a gator is that i will not hang around it long enough to notice the differences!

  3. I would buy some books and a dress.


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