Monday, April 23, 2018

It's So Tuesday

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Ever since I was a kid, people have called me fat.  Not all people, but quite a few.  So I ask you, does this little girl look fat to you?

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Keep in mind, these pictures were taken in the early 70's.  I was probably 7 years old.

Now, I did get a little pooch in my belly as I got older, but even with the pooch in my belly, I was slightly over 100 pounds in tenth grade, and I was told I was fat, not just by the dance team instructor, but by my mom... and boys.  Fat, fat, fat.

Forty years later, I actually have become a little too pudgy, okay a lot, so I have been exploring options to get my weight back down some, and I have finally decided to try the Keto diet.  I have co-workers who have had success with it, and they referred me to a website called DietDoctor.  I've always said that I couldn't live without coke, bread, and potatoes, but I'm giving it a shot.  Today is day 2.  If nothing else, hopefully it will help me break my sugar habit.  I'll let you know how it goes.
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Last week I was trying to help my son with college-level economics homework.  Formulas (gosh, no, math) and stuff I never had to study.  GDP. interest rates, nominal rates, velocity, aggregate...
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Geez.  You'd think I would have learned everything a person needs know from general adulting (inflation, interest rates, investing, etc.).  Nope. This is what  should have been going on in my head, but instead, it just went over it!

And now, for some fun.

Have you ever had fajitas?  Tex-Mex fajitas done right sure are tasty!  I'd give a lot for some yummy fajitas, but this poor fella really had a problem. Over a period of 9 years, 53 year old G. Escamilla stole 1.2 million dollars in fajitas.  Those must have been extra tasty!  He had been using county money to buy fajitas and reselling them.  He had his own little business going.  A delivery made during his absence from work at the Cameron County Juvenile center is what did him in.  Needless to say, he was fired.  He also gets to live in prison for 50 years.

What do you think of these?
That's all for now!

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  1. First off, you were not a fat little girl. There were some big kids in the 70s but nothing compared to what we are seeing today and that's very alarming!

    With age comes weight especially after having kids. It's an uphill fight and one I battle every day. It's so easy to lose sight on eating habits with raising a family and/or career, taking care of the home and everyone around you except yourself. I read it usually takes three days for your brain or body or both get used to new habits like dieting and exercise. The longer you stay at it the easier it becomes. I found the thing that works for me is watching my calories. Exercise along isn't want makes the difference, but cutting down on how much you eat. Look at bears, they eat a ton of berries and they get very pump so it's not what you eat but how much you eat. I might encourage you after you get comfortable in your new dieting to add some activity. That will speed up your results, build your stamina, and muscle mass. Another trick I learned is if you're hungry first try drinking a glass of water. Dehydration makes your brain think you're hungry but after 20 minutes you still feel the same then it's time to eat something. Love the funnies! Best of luck to ya and have a great day!

    ~Curious as a Cathy
    iPad Art Sketch 'U' is for Umbrella

  2. You were most assuredly not fat as a child. As for the Keto diet, the current version of low carb (just like the other versions -- Sugar Busters, Atkins, Paleo, etc.), works just fine as long as you stick with it and make it a permanent lifestyle change.

    Macroeconomics is not my strong suit. My own, i get -- if i do not work, i will not eat! The whole world's economics is the same thing only on a scale i cannot quite wrap my mind around.

    Loved the funnies!

  3. That's definitely not a fat girl in that picture. I wish you the best with the Keto diet. My sister and her husband have been on it for a couple months now and seem to be doing okay with it. I love that you can have bacon on that diet!

  4. You are so NOT fat in that picture! I've heard of the Keto diet - like Mimi said, as long as you stick with it you'll be fine. I've heard if you do something for 28 days in a row, it becomes a habit - I imagine that would work with diets, too. ;)

    Holy cow! 1.2 million dollars worth of fajitas?! Who knew?

    Your funnies are hilarious! Thanks for the laughs! :)

  5. You were definitely not fat in that picture. You must've been around some very skinny people because I think most kids in high school were over 100 pounds in the 70s and that's in California. We didn't consider that fat.

    I use an app called Yummly that shows you recipes for the type of food you want to eat. We're trying to eat more vegetarian, so I have mine set for those types of meals. It finds recipes from the internet. If you have a certain type of food in your refrigerator that you don't know what to do with, you can type it in and it will bring up recipes you can make with it.

    I hate dieting. Walking every day does wonders. It helps you lose weight and I believe it extends your life. Out of my dad's 5 brothers and 5 sisters, the ones still living are the ones that walked for exercise and didn't smoke. They are in their late 80s now. It's promising.


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