Monday, May 01, 2017

Some Random Stuff and Coffee Chat

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My (step) daughter who is getting married in 6 weeks asked if I would make wreaths to go on the doors they will be using for her ceremony.
This photo of the doors has the faux stained glass windows.  Wreaths look beautiful on the door, too.  But I have to turn this

 into something beautiful!  Feeling slightly panicked because I want them to be extra beautiful for her.  Luckily I work with a woman who is the queen wreath-maker, and she has offered her guidance.  She thinks we can get both wreaths made in less than 2 hours after work one day.  We're going to get it done!  See?  I'm already feeling less panicked.

I also think I'm going to give her (daughter) a binder or book with "Letters to the Bride" in it.  I think sometimes the Maid of Honor does this, but I don't think she is actually doing it.
Besides, I love to scrapbook, and I can make it pretty.  I'm going to go buy some pretty stationery tomorrow and start delivering it to the many people I hope will write her a letter, and I'll give it to her on her wedding day.  It's going to look prettier than this one (fingers crossed!)
image credit
I think I only have 23 school days left for this year!  Not that I'm counting.  Who am I kidding?  Of course I'm counting! It's been a great year in any ways, and in other ways, I am just DONE.  Can you believe it's already May?  What happened to April?  I'll tell you what happened!  It grew wings and flew by.  I'll soon get a break from the ten hours days at school and 2-3 hour evenings doing school work at home, not to mention weekends.

And now it's time for Coffee Chat with Rory Bore.
Our lovely hostess asks us to..
Finish the sentence. 
If I could go anywhere today....

If I could go ANYWHERE?  Money being no object? It really depends on a lot of things.

Existentially, I'd love to go to see my dad in the afterlife.  I'm not sure where Heaven is because I know it's not in the clouds, but wherever it is, I know my dad is there with Jesus.  I would give almost anything to spend some time with him.  12 and a half years later, and I still miss him every day. I bet he looks young, like this picture taken circa 1970.

I'd love to go to Hawaii, Italy, and the UK.  Any one of those places would be so awesome!  My husband has promised to take me to Europe within the next five years or so.  Doubt we'll ever go to Hawaii, although I'm sure it's gorgeous!
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Somewhere else I would go if I could, and if I wasn't a chicken, and if money wasn't a problem, and that would be to a plastic surgeon.  I'd get a tummy tuck, a boob lift, and maybe some botox for my laugh lines.  No, this isn't something I really NEED, but hey, she asked where I wanted to go!  Haha!
And I;ll leave you with that!  Have a great week!

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  1. Hawaii sounds better to me every day. It would be lovely to retire there.

    Good luck with the rest of school!

  2. I'm sure your wreaths will be quite beautiful!
    I have been to Hawaii and honestly - I was not that impressed - but it is beautiful --- just really really really muggy!

  3. I bet the wreaths will look beautiful and I think that letter book is such a lovely, fantastic idea!! I do hope many people write to her.
    I would love to go to UK - my mom is doing a cruise there next month and I am jealous, and happy for her.
    And I admit it - I would get a tummy tuck. After 3 C sections I think it's my right!! :)

  4. I love the idea of the doors! And I can't wait to see pictures of the awesome wreaths you'll be making! I also LOVE the idea of the Letter for the Bride Book - I'm tucking that one away for future reference. ;)

    Ooooooh! 23 days! Lucky you! The kids have 6 more weeks here (but then again, they don't start until after Labor Day, so it's a trade-off). :)

    I loved my trip to Hawaii last year - I want to go back! My cousin lives there full time, so I have an 'excuse' to HAVE to go. Plus, she's getting married in the next couple of years, so bonus 'excuse'! ;) I also want to go to Italy (of course!) and absolutely would love to go to the UK - hope you get to go to ALL those places!!

    And yeah, we could do a girls trip to the plastic surgeon - wonder if any of 'em give a group discount? ;)

  5. I love the idea of the doors. How beautiful and appropriate for the meaning of the day.

    So many people I would like to visit in the afterlife, but I'm willing to wait for an invite!


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