Monday, April 24, 2017

A Little Random and Some Coffee

I'm linking to Stacy for some random thoughts.

Not much going on in my brain right now other than academic things.  That's no fun.

It's also not fun trying to help my son with his college schedule.  It used to be so easy when I was in college. We would walk around the coliseum to the different departments and get stickers on our sheets for the class and time periods we wanted.  It was very straightforward.  Now, being on the computer, you have to have some slick tech skills to figure out what's what!

Have you ever heard of Cat Island?
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It's a real place... an island in Japan!  Aoshima Island.  Actually, there are about a dozen Cat Islands near Japan.  This one has a population of 22 people and about 120 feral cats.

I bet you've never seen this, either!  I haven't!
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A moose was loose on a bridge in Belfast, Maine.  The police department issued a warning of "heavy moose traffic" on the bridge.  No moose were hurt in the writing of this post.  In fact, I've never seen a moose anywhere except the zoo.  Cattle, yes.  Longhorns, yes.  Deer, yes.  Moose in Texas?  Nah!

Time for Coffee Chat!

Topic - Describe the perfect spring day.
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My allergies have really been bothering me, so being outside is less than ideal right now, but I'll give it a go, anyway.  My perfect spring day would be 68-72 degrees outside with mostly sunny or only slightly cloudy weather to keep the heat off.  I picture the greenest of green grass and oink, orange, and yellow wildflowers.  I also picture a creek, river, or lake nearby.  It's the perfect day for a picnic where you can just lie back on a blanket and read a book after having lunch.

Ta-ta for now!

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  1. Oi - I remember all too well the nightmare of scheduling courses on the computer system. It would take forever and literally I never understood why because it constantly messed your schedule up. That was years ago and I would have thought it would be more user friendly by now.

    Well being in Canada, I have often seen moose on the highway. LOL
    Actually, we have our very own town moose that likes to come hang out at our local truck stop - for some odd reason. Maybe she recognizes the trucks from the highway? :)
    A picnic!! Why didn't I think of that. Perfect.

  2. We do not have moose in AZ, Elk, yes, moose, no.
    However, I have yet to see one in the wild. I want to so bad!

    I hear ya on the allergies-ugh!

    Nice to meet you!


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