Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Recycled Plastics

In my neighborhood, the waste management company collects recycled paper and plastic on a bi-weekly basis.  I know a lot of uses for recycled paper, but I wasn't really sure what happened to recycled plastic, so I did some research.

1.  Plastic containers are often used to make "new" plastic containers.
2. Plastic bags such as those from grocery stores can be made into new bags, but they can also be made into plastic lumber to make picnic tables and benches.
3. Milk jugs, shampoo bottles, and laundry detergent bottles can be recycled into playground equipment.
4.  Plastic bottles can be made into T-shirts.  It takes about ten soda bottles to make one T-shirt.
5. Plastic caps can be recycled into batteries for your car.
6.  Plastic bottles can be made into sleeping bags.

7.  Plastic bubble wrap could become a playground fence.
8.  Water bottles are sometimes used in carpeting.
9. Plastic bottle caps can be made into gardening rakes.
10. Plastic foam packing might be made into a picture frame.
11. The bottles of household cleaners may be used to make recycling bins.
12. A recycled soda bottle could become insulation in your new jacket (fiberfill).  It takes about 14 bottles to create enough fiberfill for one jacket.
13. Plastic bottle caps can become yarn.

I had no idea!  Thanks to The American Chemistry Council for the information.
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  1. this is utterly fascinating. Im was/am a recycler from way way back, so it's always nice to know this stuff does get re-used.

  2. You brought more life to my recycling

  3. I'm glad there's something we can do with plastic bags. Thanks.

  4. Cool post. We all have to do our part and recycle what we can.

  5. What a great list. A lot of the uses surprised me.

  6. That is really interesting stuff. Not sure I like the idea of wearing a recycled t-shirt but it is great that things be turned into products like that.


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