Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Said No Teacher Ever

It's almost time for school to be out here.  One of the things you'll hear from our teachers as they try to finish the zillion tasks due by the last day of school is...
"4 1/2 more days!  But who's counting?!"

Here are some things teachers never say, courtesy of Some Ecards.

And a bonus!

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  1. I identify with all!! retired 10 years

  2. "Seventeen teaching days left until retirement!! I can't wait," said one teacher.

  3. Amen to those!
    I especially loved the full moon card, but many of others certainly described all the teachers I worked with, as well. Fun and entertaining T-13!

  4. I think teaching is one of the noble professions. It is a shame it has become political. But then, everything else has, so why should it be any different?


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