Monday, June 01, 2015

Random Tuesday

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So glad school is almost out!  I think we teachers are looking forward to summer more than the students!  THREE days!  Of course, there are workshops and such throughout the summer, but who's thinking about that right now?

Our anniversary was a BLAST!  I surprised my husband with a few small gifts and, most importantly, an overnight stay at the Boardwalk Inn at a resort area not too far from our home.  We walked around the boardwalk, took pictures, ate dinner, had a few drinks, listened to music, swam, talked and talked and talked, and just had the best time!  Our balcony opened onto the main part of the boardwalk where the band was.  That was pretty cool!

And my dear husband knows what I like!  Instead of buying me jewelry for our anniversary, he got me a Canon T5 DSLR camera.  I've used it already, but I can't wait to learn more about it!  I'd much rather have a camera than a necklace.  How about you?

The rest of the weekend was a bust - family matters and all - but we had that one special night.

Looking forward to a scrapbook retreat with my sister!  It's just a few short weeks away!  This ties into the "Coffee Chat" at Time Out for Mom.  She asks us to talk about a DIY project.

Most of my DIY projects are simple.  I like to scrapbook and make cards.  And for some reason, I can't find the folder with pictures of some of my scrapbook layouts.  They must be on the old computer, and I better get them transferred before I lose them completely!  I also like to paint wooden objects and make little home decor pieces.  I'm currently working on a necklace holder.  It will go on the wall in my bathroom when I (finally) get it finished.  I like creating.

So... what are you creating?


  1. I'm not very crafty. I used to scrapbook some years ago. I enjoyed doing it, and found it to be relaxing and therapeutic. It's been a few years though. Happy anniversary! Here's wishing you many more years together. I think it's cool that he got you a nice camera.

  2. I feel sorry for my kids' teachers - school's not out until June 19th! Though it's a trade-off, they don't start back again until after Labor Day. :)

    What an awesome anniversary getaway! Sounds like perfection!!

    I'm totally on board with getting a new camera vs. a necklace - I think my hubby appreciates when I give him the 'go ahead' to get me something more 'practical' like that, it's easier (for him) to buy stuff like that...heh!

    I haven't scrap booked in *years* - I love looking at other people's creations, though. :) And I'd love to see a pic of the jewelry holder when you get it finished, sounds cool! :)

    Princess Nagger Awarded; Rock Balancing in Boulder; DIY Fun with Coffee Chat and RTT Rebel

  3. That resort looks lovely! And YES to a new camera - definitely what I would take to. I love my Canon Rebel.

    I do digital scrapbooking. I am not a big talent with glue and stickers and such, but I do love using the computer: which is where all my photos are anyway. I don't share a lot of the scrapbooking because it is personal/family/friends stuff. But I really like the sound of your wood painting!! something like that would look great in my new room. :)

  4. Your new camera is a perfect gift for you. It looks like you did have a great Anniversary get away.


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