Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Confessions

I'm linking up with High-Heeled Love to do some confessing (If the link gets posted).  I wish I could list all the burdens I'm feeling right now, but that post would be far too long, and considering I'm typing one-hamded, I'd be here all day.  So, here goes.

I Confess...

I'm tired of feeling helpless.
I feel guilty asking for help.
I'm a burden to my family right now, and yes, I believe they think so.  ESPECIALLY MY HUSBAND.  He's more preoccupied with matters more important than me.
I'm only one week into my 4-6 week period of time in the sling.
My ears feel funny, sort of itchy, as though there's something in them like a cotton ball or Kleenex,
Both pain medications I've tried make me itch like crazy, so much so that I'd rather be in pain than suffer side-effects.
Sleeping in a recliner has already become old, but I can't lie down flat on a bed due to the sling.
Today my twins turn 19 and I feel guilty for being unable to give them a beautiful, memorable day.

Mom please don't feel bad for asking for help. We as your family should WANT to help you. I'm sorry for acting the way I have been. -Angela

My post got hacked.  I'm posting it anyway,

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