Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Random Tuesday

I'm linking up again with Stacy Uncorked for Random Tuesday.

I went to my scrapbook retreat last weekend, Thursday through Sunday, and I wish I could go again. Nothing but scrapbooking all day and/or night, meals cooked for us, no cleaning to do.  Wonderful!  It was so nice to be creative and follow my own schedule.  This picture is from last year's retreat.

The only thing I would change is the music.  If I never have to hear another 1980's  "top 40" "pop" song again, I will be happy!  (Think... Cindy Lauper, Prince, Madonna, Toto, Paula Abdul, Tears for Fears, Boy George.)  Don't get me wrong.  I loved those songs back in the day!  But they were overplayed, and I just don't like them now.  Luckily, I had headphones, and I could listen to other music and watch movies on my computer, but in order to talk to my sister, or anyone else, I had to keep the headphones out.  I'm so tired of 80's music!  I guess the hostess liked it. Who knows?

Back to real life... My surgery is scheduled for Thursday.  Yes, two days from now.  I'm just a little bit very scared.  I have a bone spur, arthritis, a shoulder impingement, and possible tears in the tendon.  That word possible will determine how long it takes to heal.  If there are no tears, I'm looking at a much shorter recovery time.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!  I've tried to tell myself I don't need the surgery, because I don't want to have it done, but according to the doctor, it will not go away on its own and may get worse.  Please pray for me.
Now, there is a storm a-brewin in the Gulf, probably headed toward my area within the next 8 hours.  But you would think there's a hurricane coming the way people are acting.  See, we had terrible, torrential rains during Memorial Day week.  A few places got up to 12 inches in a very short period of time.  Homes and apartments were ruined; lives were lost due to people driving through high water.

So... with this storm coming, people have gone crazy!  They are behaving like a category 5 hurricane is coming, stocking up on food, water, gasoline, etc.  I've lived through many tropical storms and hurricanes, but this is just a storm.  We're going to get lots of rain.  We might lose power for a while.  But some people are in a panic!  It's crazy!  It's like they're preparing for the apocalypse!  I hope I'm not proved wrong, but I think it's "Much Ado About Nothing." We'll see.

So there's my random!


  1. Several years ago I scrapbooked as a hobby. I made several albums. I loved doing it. It was so therapeutic and relaxing. Someday, when I can get the time and area to do it, I'd love to get back to scrapbooking. Lots of prayers for you during the surgery and recovery.

  2. I love the idea of Scrapbooking, but I have discovered me and glue and stickers and paper do not get along. LOL. but I love the idea of a retreat - how fun.
    sending prayers that the shoulder surgery goes well, and a speedy recovery. as well as safety during the storm.
    People up here are the opposite, it very well could be the Apocalypse coming and we'd be to nonchalant "oh sky looks a bit dark and the winds picked up... maybe we won't BBQ tonight." LOL

  3. I'm like Les, I like the idea of scrapbooking, but with me I just never got motivated enough to do anything about it. I think I prefer doing picture collages. I hope your surgery goes well. I'll say a prayer for you and hopefully we'll hear about the success of it in the coming days. People are crazy. They get that way here in the Tennessee Valley every time there is a threat of a snow flake with in 500 miles heading our way. Our biggest concern is usually black ice. No one can drive on that stuff and it often times knocks out the power. We're getting some horrible heat here (90+) and the threat of thunderstorms over the next several days. I swear it's more like late July & August weather than June. This makes me want fall all the more! Oh well, have a good day. Stop by to read...10 get-to-know Cathy facts #A2ZRoadTrip #music when ever you can!


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