Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Confessional

Link up with High-heeled Love for some confessing.  It;s good for the soul.
I Confess...
Typing with one hand is difficult and time-consuming, but that's what I'm doing.  Two-handed, "home row" typing is one of my best skills, but NOT texting!  I make too many mistakes.  The whole family makes fun of me.  Most of my mistakes are made because I'm so lazy that I use a swipe keyboard which often misreads my intent, and the text is so small, I can't read it.  Who wants to pull out their reading glasses every time they send a text?
I  Confess...
My nerve block is wearing off, so I may be very grumpy the next few days, even more so than usual! 16 hours after surgery, I'm feeling some pain, more with each passing hour.  I don't like taking pain meds, but hey, it will give me an excuse for being forgetful!.  Thank goodness for the Scopolamine patch!  Pain meds are not my friend!  In case you didn't read my blog yesterday, I had shoulder surgery to clean up some arthritis, remove an impingement, remove a bone spur, and repair a tear in a tendon.  Hello, Pain!
I Confess...
Immediately preceding surgery, my blood pressure became extremely high - 167/96.  I had it taken three days in a row, and each day it got higher.  I realize it's probably common, but I used to have low BP, except for a period of time 19 years ago when I had my twins 7 weeks early due to high BP which nearly caused kidney failure.  It scares me.
I Confess...
My twins will be 19 next week.  How did that happen?  I think I'm more sad about their last year being a teen than they are.  In fact, they're probably excited.  But I'm so proud of the adults they are becoming.
I Confess...
Back to typing... I love it when a student asks me a question while I'm typing.  Instead of stopping, sometimes I will continue typing while looking straight at them and answering their question without missing a beat.  It kind of freaks them out, and that's fun (cue evil giggle)!  Yes, I have a 6th grade sense of humor!

Have a good weekend!


  1. I hope your recovery goes well.. and speedy for you! I hated taken the pain meds when I had knee surgery. They made me all foggy headed and then I would get rebound headaches if I stopped taking them. But the pain kind of made it necessary to take something.

    you will have to teach us that typing trick! when someone speaks to me while I am typing... I start typing what THEY are saying! ha
    It goes back to when I had to take dictation for a boss years ago I guess.

  2. I hope your recovery is a quick one for you and solves the problem. Living with pain is very frustrating.


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