Monday, February 02, 2015

Totally Random

I'm linking up with Stacy Uncorked for some randomness!

I wasn't interested in the Superbowl game at all, and I hadn't planned to watch the halftime show, but I heard it coming on when I was cleaning the kitchen and decided to take a peek.  I am no Katy Perry fan, but her show was pretty amazing.  My favorite part was her entrance. Wow!  In fact, when it was completely over, all I could say was, "Wow."

And speaking of WOW... I've mentioned how I hate group texts, so when I got one on Friday, I tried to determine who the people were whose numbers I don't have in my phone.  I sent a text saying, "This is so-and-so, and I want to save your number in my phone.  Who is this?"  Most people just say, "Oh It's Amanda.  Haha,."  Well, not this one woman.  Instead, she sent me snarky remarks like "You look good today," and "This is your secret admirer."  And, "My name is Reginald," and crap like that.  I finally asked our book club hostess who it was, and she told me.  I also asked her not to send me anymore group texts.  That one person makes me not want to participate anymore.  Maybe I will just set up my own book club with people who are more like me.

And on a completely new topic, I made a terrific chicken stir fry for dinner last night.  I got the recipe from McCormick, but I never follow a recipe exactly.  I like to add my own spin on things.  And speaking of food, my mother-in-law made roast beef and Yorkshire pudding for my husband for his birthday dinner.  He has been asking her to make it for a long time, and she finally did.  It was delicious!  I'm so lucky to have in-laws that I just love.

Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. I think you and I were saying the same thing after Katy's performance... "Wow." :)

    I hate group texts, too - it gets so confusing, especially if I don't know someone (and in the case of my most recent group text, everyone except the person who sent it I didn't know). I could see a friend you *know* playing with you the same way that woman did, but a technical stranger? Would make me not want to participate in the future, either.

    You do the same thing I do - put your own spin on recipes. I never follow a recipe exactly as written - my Swedish Great-Grandmother taught me that, as well as measure by 'taste' rather than utensils. Except baking. That's more like chemistry, so you need to measure if you want your baked goodies to turn out edible. ;)

    Thanks for rocking the random! :)

    Super Bowl Disappointment, a Haunted Mansion and some Hilarity – Random Tuesday Thoughts Coffee Chat

  2. I hate group texts dumb! That and people that don't use blind carbon copy in their emails. Loved the half time show!

  3. I really liked Katy's show too. I really appreciated that my two young girls could watch her -- and that she was dressed and there was nothing really vulgar. They love Roar and Firework.
    I am not a fan of group texts either: I never know if I have missed a reply or something. Emails are fine if you have to, but I just find it more difficult on the phone.
    Yorkshire pudding - yum!!


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