Monday, February 23, 2015


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Did you watch the Oscars? I saw a small portion of it, but I still don't know who won best actor/actress or best picture.  Oh, well, no big deal.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, like there is so much to do, and you can't get it all done?  Of course you do!  Especially if you're female.  That's me, lately.

Happy that I got to see these two young ladies this weekend!

We took an 18 hour trip.  Both  ofour daughters are in college.  One of the universities is on the way to the other, so we stopped and picked up one of our girls, then the three of us went to the college where our other daughter attends. We came home Sunday.  That's a lot of hours to spend in a car in 54 hours.  A lot of the time there was also spent in the car - going shopping, eating, site-seeing.  It  was so worth it!

I thought I had some wisdom to share today, and now I can't think of what it was.   Story of my life.   I have CRS!  I need to write these things down!  Have a great week!


  1. Happy RTT! I have to start a blog draft for RTT and then type the info in as it happens. Otherwise, I have CRS too and can't remember what it is I wanted to write about.
    I didn't watch the Oscars but I do usually purchase People magazine after the awards shows to see who wore what.

  2. I haven't watched the Oscars since the Lord of the Rings pretty much swept the show way back in 2004. We just aren't big movie watchers, especially the movies that get picked for Oscars.

  3. Band practice is on Sunday's and being as I go with him to spend time with my new friend Robin and we crochet together I'm not home to watch tV. Sorry. It's a darn shame they don't do reruns of that.


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